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Diversify Your Income

Here’s How Much Money You Should Have Saved At Every Age

May 21, 2019

Americans are backbenchers when it comes to saving money. On average, an American only saves 5% of his income. Statistics is really alarming. Half of the household are living their life living on paycheck to paycheck and, out of that only, 24 % of millennials have basic financial knowledge. You don’t need stats to know … Continued

5 Tips for Negotiating with Your Creditors

May 1, 2019

Some things come with a fixed price tag, like groceries at U.S. supermarket chains. When you get to the cash register, you’ll be expected to pay the exact amount shown. But other items have some leeway—like most vehicles on a car dealer’s lot. Sure, there’s a price sticker affixed to every window. But it’s a … Continued

7 Best Alternatives to Payday Loans

March 14, 2019

Finding yourself in a situation where you need money quickly and you don’t have it on hand can be scary. Although most of us have heard about the dangers of payday loans, desperate times may lead you to consider a payday loan anyway. But, before you sign on the dotted line and take out a … Continued