How to Use Balance Transfers to Pay Off Debt Quickly

February 28, 2019

Unfortunately, balance transfers have a bit of (an unwarranted) bad rep in the personal finance blogging community. Usually, it’s because people are afraid that they’ll be used for the wrong reasons, such as transferring debt around so people end up racking up even more credit card debt. But, just like credit cards as a whole, … Continued

Diversify Your Income

How to Easily and Cheaply Transfer Money from America to the UK (or vice versa)

February 27, 2019

The world is an increasingly globalized place in 2019, as people have ventured across the globe in search of a better life. Increasingly, Americans and the British have been finding what they’ve been looking for in each other’s countries. According to the most recent UK census, 197,355 Americans called the United Kingdom home. Meanwhile, in … Continued

7 Smart Ways to Use Cash Windfalls

January 30, 2019

In the past, I didn’t always make the best use of cash windfalls whenever I received them. Before I started this blog and began budgeting and paying off debt, I spent my annual bonus, tax refund, and any birthday and Christmas money I received on things I didn’t really need.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to spend cash windfalls when you receive them, and sometimes even before.

But getting into this habit can end up costing you big time.

Instead of getting into the bad habit of wasting your cash windfalls, here are 7 smart ways to use them instead!