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15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out Clutter

June 16, 2014

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Need a push to clear out clutter? Here are 15 fantastic reasons you should absolutely clear out that clutter!

Happy Monday morning! As usual, my weekend went way too fast and I’m not ready to get back to the work week. Alas, here it is, ready or not.

I’ve been working on decluttering some more so I can be prepared to fit into my Tiny House someday. Plus, for now I can enjoy all the empty space in my current house and not have as much stuff to clean, dust, and care for. I’ll update you all on my efforts to clear out clutter sometime next week.

Here is an infographic with 15 fantastic reasons to clear out clutter.

Clutter Infographic
Courtesy of: SpareFoot
Personally, I love reasons 2, 10 and 11. I know my clutter is causing me stress and has cost me money in the past when I’ve bought something and then later found a duplicate of the same item while cleaning.  On the food front, I’m guilty of occasionally having to throw out food because my cabinet or fridge is too cluttered and I forget to use up an item before it’s expired (or green and moldy, yuck!).

Which of these is your favorite reason to clear out clutter? Are you on a working to clear out clutter?

Need a push to clear out clutter? Here are 15 fantastic reasons you should absolutely clear out that clutter!

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19 responses to “15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out Clutter

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine having 100 toys in a house. Yikes! Thankfully all I have to worry about right now is cat toys. I do think clutter creates stress, and having more space around you is relaxing. No one ever looked at a messy room and said, “I’d love to have that!” Sadly, once a room is a mess, it just seems to get messier as the task of cleaning it grows too big. My parents’ garage was awful by the time they moved! If we make the effort to declutter and clean routinely, that’s less likely to happen.

    1. These are all great points! Doing it more often really helps and it takes less time than waiting and having to do a huge over-haul. I don’t think I have more than 10-15 dog and cat toys combined, which I rotate. There’s only 2-3 dog toys out at a time then I switch and put those up and get out different ones. I read that this can help stimulate their brains and keep them more engaged than have all the choices of toys at once. It’s like them getting new toys more often.

  2. Great infographic, Kayla! We’re not big fans of clutter, especially my husband. He tends to be more minimalist than me. My favorites are 1-3. While I do know some people who seem to work fine with clutter, I do like things organized. And I definitely know people who hesitate to have guests over because they are embarrassed by their clutter. I can’t imagine finding $5k in my home that was simply lost to clutter. WOW! A good reason for every to declutter – you might find all sorts of good things.

    1. I occasionally do the dash around and stash stuff away or put in another room and shut the door when company is coming over, but I really try to keep it cleaned up and picked up enough that I’m not embarassed to have people over. I know I couldn’t believe that they had found $5k! That’s insane!

  3. I like #2. I can’t function in clutter and when I feel stress-free and organized I’m much more productive. #13 is a nice bonus too!

    1. I sometimes have to put off working on things and just re-organize my desk and surroundings. Clutter in my workspace really bothers me!

  4. We did step 2 of garage cleaning yesterday (there will probably be 4 steps in all). Made good progress. Hubby was pretty happy and I am too. I think he’s finally starting to see it my way that saving things and clutter is stress and worst case – hoarding!

    1. I’m glad you’ve made some progress and convinced your hubby to see things your way 🙂 Way to go Debs!

  5. I just wrote a post about how I had a yard sale yesterday and it feels so good to get rid of the last of the stuff. Now everything fits inside my apt (save for my bike) and I don’t even need to use the garage for any storage. It feels very freeing.

    1. I bet it does! I had a yard sale a few weeks ago and it was amazing how much stuff we sold and how much $$ we made. What did sell was immediately donated and it feels great to not see a giant heap of stuff in my basement waiting for a yard sale, though I’m sure I’ll start collecting for another one again soon!

  6. Good for you. Decluttering is important especially this time of year. It can really even clear your mind and help save so much space. I used to keep all my stuff but it was a pain to lug all that stuff around. Glad to have less clutter.

    1. I think decluttering is important all the time. I’ve been on the decluttering and paying off debt path since January and though I haven’t made HUGE strides, I do feel better about the progress I’ve made so far.

  7. I’m pretty good about decluttering- but it ALWAYS happens that as soon as I do clear out stuff within the next few months I always realize that I need something that I got rid of. I just get too declutter happy. #annoying

    1. That’s great Holly! I wish I could say the same, but I’m getting better at not bringing home so much un-necessary stuff!

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