Private VA Coaching with Kayla

One-on-one business coaching exclusively for virtual assistants who are ready to grow, scale, and level up in their VA businesses.

Custom Support for the Rising Virtual Assistant

Not a VA yet? No worries! Check out the $10K VA® program to get started.


If you’re a virtual assistant who is:

Tired of seeing your clients’ businesses succeed while it feels like you are spinning your wheels growing your own business

Struggling to find time and space to work on your own business because of everyday distractions like pets, kids, spouses, housework, and more

Wondering what the next step is to scaling beyond being “just being a VA”

Then you need private VA coaching with Kayla!

I know what it’s like to struggle to scale your VA business while continuing to serve your current clients. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let me help!

Why Private VA Coaching?

I know from my own experience working as a virtual assistant for years that it can be all too easy to put our own businesses on the back burner while we serve our clients and help them grow.

But in order to truly be successful, we have to prioritize our own businesses, too!

That’s why I’m excited to offer private coaching to the rising virtual assistant who wants to grow and scale their own business without sacrificing the quality of life we all seek as self-employed VAs.

During our coaching sessions, I’ll help you put the focus on YOU and your business so you can make the big moves your VA business needs to level up.

But wait… Who am I? Why, hello, I’m Kayla!

I’m Kayla Sloan, and I’m a business coach for virtual assistants and the founder of $10K VA®, my flagship program where I teach virtual assistants how to start and scale their own businesses to earn as much as $10,000 per month!

For years, I was the go-to virtual assistant for the online personal finance community, where I consistently made at least $10,000 a month providing VA services to clients.

But getting to $10K per month was no easy feat.

For years I worked a TON of hours.

I worked nights, weekends, and holidays. I gave up time with friends and family to grow my business.

And it felt like my business was taking over my life.

That's when I thought to myself, "There has to be an easier way to earn more without working this many hours!"


I found a better way to run my business that didn't take such a toll on my life. And I can help you get there, too!

After all, that’s why we all got started working as VAs in the first place, right? We wanted to create more time and flexibility in our work lives, while still earning a high salary.

Your personal and professional desires don't have to get lost in the shuffle of clients, projects, and ever-looming deadlines. There's a better way!

Let’s put the energy and excitement back in the day-to-day of your VA business!

Private VA Coaching with Kayla Sloan

As a Private VA Coaching client, you’ll receive:

  • 2 x thirty-minute private Zoom calls per month with me
  • Email support in-between sessions for additional questions
  • Accountability to follow through on your business goals
  • Access to my network which means publication opportunities, potential clients, and really cool public figures (no name-dropping here.)

I can help you...

🌟 Identify your niche or core service offerings

🌟 Build skills to help you stand out from the crowd

🌟 Raise your rates so you earn more for the same (or less!) time

🌟 Find more quality clients (without exhausting your own network)

🌟 Reduce your client load so you can focus more on your ideal client

🌟 Subcontract your workload and build your own agency

🌟 Gain more publicity so you can achieve other goals (like speaking gigs and interviews!)

🌟 Put some margin back in your day so you can actually take a break!

🌟 Set up strong boundaries with clients so they don’t take over your life

🌟 Become more productive and stop wasting your time so you can stop burning the midnight oil

Whatever you want to achieve with your VA business, I can help you get there!

Take back your life AND your virtual assistant business. Together, we can do it!

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