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Debt Totals Finally Figured!

December 27, 2013

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5871436658_686095f0e3_zI finally got the last of my balances figured out so I can give you a debt total. Adding up my total debt was scary, but I know this was a really great way for me to get a full picture of my financial status before I begin diving into my debt payoff journey.

A complete breakdown of my debt is below. It includes my home mortgage, but I will not be discussing my mortgage very much because my primary focus is the credit card debt, student loan, and the loan with my parents. I will at some point tackle my mortgage head on too, as I don’t want to pay on it for 30 years.

I will be adding all of this information to a Debt Totals page at the top of my blog for easy access. The numbers will also be used in the side bar and the side bar numbers will be updated as payments are made.

My current debt total is:

CC#1 – $0
CC#2 – $569.65
CC#3 – $260.82
CC#4 – $603.47
CC#5 – $658.40
CC#6 – $1,383.02
CC#7 – $1,221.54
CC#8 – $1,189.94
CC#9 – $1,397.57
CC#10 – $1,339.60
Student Loan – $7,382.74
Home Mortgage – $118,763.30
Parent Loan – $2,899.00

Grand Debt Total: $137,669.05
Debt Total w/o Mortgage: $18,905.75

I will not be posting this weekend as I will be busy (hopefully) working on my first decluttering project! I won’t elaborate on it any more until it’s finished. But it’s going to be awesome! 🙂

What’s your debt total at this point in the game? What did you start out with?

Photo courtesy of: Kaiyan

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