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Why I Decided to Shell Out $170 Per Month for a Personal Trainer

August 25, 2016

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Maybe hiring a personal trainer is worth the cost after all. I love why this woman decided to hire a personal trainer!It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my body weight for the past few years.

I’ve talked about the struggle of having to either buy bigger pants or change my eating habits to help my current pants fit.

I’ve talked about how Crossfit used to be a part of my budget but that I decided to quit paying for it when I quit my job.

And last fall I talked about my plans for better self care because I wasn’t happy that I had gained weight.

I had a pretty good run at the beginning of this year. I tracked my food and exercise with my FitBit and I lost nearly 10 pounds. But since then I’ve put that back on plus another 20 or so.

Even though I have a treadmill and elliptical at home, I wasn’t motivating myself to workout and eat right, which is why I finally broke down and hired a personal trainer.

Why I Decided to Shell Out $170 Per Month for a Personal Trainer

At the beginning of August, I ran into a trainer who used to work for my local Crossfit gym. She told me she had quit training there and started her own business “Sweatin’ with Sherri” instead. She asked me if I’d be interested in training with her, but initially I was not at all interested because I knew it would be expensive. After all, expense is part of why I stopped going to Crossfit. It cost $80 per month.

After thinking things over for a few days, I decided to sign up with Sherri. I wrote out my first check for $170 for 12 sessions and it hurt. But I knew I had to do something to start taking care of myself again. I’m not happy with my appearance and with how my clothes fit. Plus my self-confidence had taken a hit too.

Why a Personal Trainer is Worth it For Me

I’m sure not everyone will agree with the decision I made to hire a personal trainer, but I know it was the right choice for me. With my personal trainer, there’s no excuses for not working out because she comes to my house. I also don’t have the temptation to skip one day because it looks too hard.

Best of all, I’m able to do things now that I could never do even when I was lighter and in better shape at Crossfit. My personal trainer is there to focus solely on me an can help me make adjustments to my workout to make it work for my fitness level. Another problem I experienced at Crossfit, though I didn’t realize it at the time, was my competitive nature getting in my way.

Being competitive can be a good thing. It pushes me to work hard and do my best most of the time. But in the instance of fitness it was getting in my way.

I know it’s not the fault of my Crossfit gym, it was all on me. The trainers always say that you are only competing with yourself, but when there’s someone working out next to me, I have to compete with them.

Sometimes this lead to me doing amazing things. But most of the time, it lead to me feeling frustrated, mad, and defeated when I could go as fast, lift as much weight, or work as long without taking a break as someone standing next to me. At that point I’d just give up on myself instead of using my competitive nature to help me do better.

Other Benefits

Outside of being able to compete with only myself, I’ve seen other benefits too. Working out with Sherri makes me feel good about myself and my accomplishments. I’ve already improved my stamina and strength after just 1 month, and whenever I get in a good routine of working out, I automatically feel motivated to eat better.

I try not to let the scale being my only measure of success for self care, but it does already show a slight improvement. Plus, my clothes are fitting a little looser.

I know I have a long way to go, but having someone to really hold me accountable is a great step in the right direction toward getting in better health and feeling better about myself too.

Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer?

Maybe hiring a personal trainer is worth the cost after all. I love why this woman decided to hire a personal trainer!

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21 responses to “Why I Decided to Shell Out $170 Per Month for a Personal Trainer

  1. I’ve thought about a trainer a few times. I was a high school and college athlete, so the knowledge is all there, but my motivation comes and goes! It’s not financially feasible for me right now, but I think it’s such a good investment long term. What you do in your twenties resonates through the rest of your life, health-wise. So getting back into good habits NOW is an investment in the future!

    1. Definitely agree! I played sports from age 5 through college but like you said, it’s the motivation that I struggle with. I don’t have enough self-discipline to make myself workout on my own.

  2. Good for you! I always need some sort of competition to keep me going, or to hire someone to be an accountability partner. So this could be a great decision for me as well! Thanks for your honesty and sharing your thoughts. I’m excited to see how this works for you. 🙂

    1. Thanks Carrie! I was doing better when we were accountability partners. Maybe we need to start that up again too. 🙂

  3. You might want to try Team in Training ( They have group runs at all paces so you can train with a partner. You raise money for charity and then run a race with your team. Great way to stay motivated!

    1. Hi John, That’s a great idea! If there were any events in my rural area, I’d be interested in trying them out. Unfortunately, there aren’t any anywhere near me. 🙁

  4. I’ve always been mostly self-motivated with working out. About 80% of the time I do it fine. The other 20% I have to really convince myself to work out. But I understand why a personal trainer would be helpful. I always joke that if I was a celebrity I would totally hire a personal trainer. Glad you found something that is working for you!

    1. Thanks Holly! I definitely think those Hollywood stars still pay a lot more for a trainer than I do! Mine comes for about an hour (or so) 3x/week. I TRY to do things on my own the other days (but it doesn’t always happen – that’s why I got a trainer, haha).

  5. I think it’s completely worth the cost! The long-term consequences of not taking care of your health can be a lot worse (and more expensive) than the cost of a personal trainer, who will help keep you on track. Good for you – I think it’s great!

  6. Good for you, Kayla! As someone who used to spend money for the approval of others, I very strongly stand by your wise decision. This isn’t an impulse purchase or something to keep up with the Joneses, but one you thought about carefully and will have long-term benefits in helping you get healthy. And most importantly, you CAN AFFORD it. Spending money mindfully and without creating debt is important, but how you choose to spend your money is 100% your choice. Because what matters to you or me may differ but that doesn’t mean either of us are wrong.

    I’m also trying to get healthy and it is has been a very slow journey. While I need to do better (much better) at what I eat and increase my activity levels, there is a lot of mental resistance that has been making doing those things even harder. Or making me accept my lame excuses for not doing those things, if I’m being more honest. 🙂 I’ve been working through those and feel a lot stronger and more capable these days. I’ve still got a journey ahead of me but I know that I can do it and so can you! I’ve never worked with a personal trainer before, they intimidate me, so I’m eager to hear about your experiences and results!

    1. I am generally pretty good at pushing myself to do things, even when I don’t want to do them. That’s how I was able to side hustle and build up my business while working full-time. It was so hard to make myself keep working sometimes during those late nights, but I did it. For some reason, I can do that, but when it comes to things like eating healthy and exercising, I’m not as good at making myself do those things.

  7. Your health is very important and if paying for a personal trainer is the way you can jump start your exercising routine then it is worth it. I have thought about doing the same thing at times because I know myself. I know that after all of my daily obligations I am 95% more likely to want veg out rather than work out. And hopefully, at some point, you won’t need a personal trainer because it will become a habit. I say good job for making the choice to get active again.

    1. Thanks Beth! I hope to get to the point that I can motivate myself to workout, but right now I’m not there. I’m really enjoying my personal trainer and it’s great to be active again!

  8. No. Kayla, there are lots of fitness videos online. You can try it out without hiring a personal trainer. It’s kinda fun still and you can maximize your time as you have to keep up with the video. And, you have hundreds of exercise videos you can choose from. Enjoy!

  9. I spent $250 for 3 sessions with my dietitian. I really didn’t care about spending that much because health is the first wealth and you can have money but not health so I totally support you in this.

    Crossfit isn’t for everyone and I think you have to do what works for you. =)

    1. I did enjoy Crossfit for the most part, but I like my personal training even better. Health can be expensive, but it’s worth paying for it now to avoid future problems.

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