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Decorate Seasonally

5 Essential Items to Decorate Seasonally Without Clutter

October 10, 2018

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Once you make the decision to start living a minimalist lifestyle, you may feel like you’re cheating on your clutter-free goals by having seasonal decorations.

A minimalist’s house has to be a stark, white, barren landscape of clutter free-living, straight out of the pages of a minimalist living magazine, right? Not really.

Year-round, white on white may be the ideal way to decorate for some, but for the less die-hard minimalists out there, seasonal decorating brings visual interest into the home.

Sprucing up your table-top, fireplace mantle, or window sill can set the mood for whatever holiday or season is approaching. You don’t have to have an entire basement or shed dedicated to storage if you want to have seasonal decorations. You can make your home cozy and well-decorated for the season, while staying true to any minimalist leanings.

Use these five items to decorate seasonally for any holiday, without accumulating clutter.

1. Glass Centerpieces

Find one or two large, clear-glass containers that can be used in the center of your table or at both ends of a mantle or windowsill. It could be a pair of a vases, a trifle dish, or plain glass bowl.

Whatever style you choose, a see-through glass container is absolutely essential for decorating seasonally. That’s why it’s also ok to spend a bit more for one you love, because you’ll use it all year round and for years to come.

Marquis by Waterford Sparkle 9-Inch Vase Price: $100.00 Perfect for any season! Marquis by Waterford Sparkle 9-Inch Vase

In the fall, fill your glass with decorative gourds, acorns, or even freshly picked apples. As Christmas approaches, you can fill the centerpiece with pine cones or candy canes. In the peak of summer it can hold bouquets of flowers, pussy willow branches or lemons.

Clear glass acts as a showcase for the fruits of the season in your home. The best part of decorating this way is that there is no in-between season storage. Anything your fill the container with can simply be thrown in the compost bin once you’re done decorating with it.

2. A Neutral Wreath

By using the same one or two wreathes year round, you can really cut down on seasonal decorating storage and clutter.

Grapevine wreathes, bunched burlap, or bunched lace can all be neutral back drops for seasonal wreath decorations.

Burlap Natural Wreath 20" Price: This neutral wreath can be used year-round. Burlap Natural Wreath 20

Whatever decorations that you decided to place inside your glass containers can also easily attach to wreathes with a bit of wire or string. An added bonus is that by using the same materials for both your front door and your interior decorations, you will bring a sense of continuity to your decorations.

3. Large Empty Basket

Something as simple as a well-placed basket makes a great seasonal showpiece.

Rectangular Willow Wicker Storage Shelf Basket with Liner, Large Price: There are thousands of wicker basket styles. The liner makes this one easy to clean! Rectangular Willow Wicker Storage Shelf Basket with Liner, Large

Around Halloween, fill it with pie pumpkins. They’re small enough to be decorative, but are big enough to later bake and eat.

At Christmas time it can hold wrapped gifts or firewood. In the summer it can hold a potted fern or other indoor plant.

There are endless ways and uses to decorate with a large, plain, empty basket. Once filled, it can brighten a corner, look adorable under a window, or be useful next to the fireplace or in your kitchen.

4. A Neutral Tablecloth and Different Runners

A neutral colored tablecloth like gray, white, or cream, along with two or three different table runners, helps set a beautiful seasonal table.

Decorative Rectangle Tablecloth , 60x102-inch, Cream Price: A plain tablecloth suits all seasons. Decorative Rectangle Tablecloth , 60x102-inch, Cream

A red runner on a white table works for the 4th of July, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Handmade Table Runner, Cranberry 14x48 inch Price: Red works for lots of holidays and seasons. Handmade Table Runner, Cranberry 14x48 inch

A burlap runner would look beautiful both during the summer and the harvest months of October and November.

Burlap and Lace Table Runner, 12"x108" Price: Lace makes this one feel extra fancy! Burlap and Lace Table Runner, 12

A lace runner perfectly compliments any Easter or any spring decorations.

14x120 Inch White Lace Table Runner Price: $8.99 Lace is classic and simple! 14x120 Inch White Lace Table Runner

Table runners fold neatly into very little space, and conveniently only require a tiny corner of a linen closet or storage cupboard. They’re a great way to decorate for the season without lugging out endless boxes of seasonal decorations.

5. Clear Glass Votive Candles

Decorating with clear glass votive candles sets the mood for any holiday or season. Votive candles look great literally anywhere. Also, if they are large enough, the sides can be filled with seasonal goodies or bits of nature.

Set of 12 Unscented Clear Glass Wax Filled Votive Candles Price: $10.99 Store the extras for later! Set of 12 Unscented Clear Glass Wax Filled Votive Candles

Votive candles brighten up table centers, windowsills, and mantles, and having multiple votive candles lit at once sets a great soft ambiance in any room.

Decorate SeasonallyDecorate Seasonally Without Clutter

Gone are the days of lugging out huge boxes of seasonal decorations to make your home look cute throughout the year. By using neutral backgrounds, and mixing and matching with a few basic color combinations, you can have a beautiful and decorative backdrop for any season.

Also, by taking advantage of whatever fruits or goodies the current season has to offer, you can decorate seasonally without worrying about storage options throughout the year. It is possible decorate seasonally without a lot of clutter. You just need to be a little bit creative, and think outside of the storage box.

Do you decorate seasonally? If you do, how do you minimize the need for storage?


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6 responses to “5 Essential Items to Decorate Seasonally Without Clutter

  1. This is great! We get a lot of miles out of a glass hurricane and a few strands of white lights for indoor decor that works with all seasons. Christmas is our one splurge…mostly because our neighborhood has a competition. Thankfully, just a few strands of lights gets you in the running for prize money. No blown fuses for us 🙂

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