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Everyday I'm Hustlin'

July 21, 2014

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I can't wait to be this type of inspiration and motivation to start a blog and hustle to make it grow!Bonus points if you just sang the title of this post to the line, “Everyday I’m shufflin'” from Party Rock Anthem! 🙂

When I started my blog back in December 2013, I had no idea people actually made money by blogging, let alone enough money to live on very comfortably, like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. I didn’t set any blogging goals at all when I made my 2014 goals. I didn’t consider how often I’d post, increasing my readership or stats and I didn’t even know what SEO or Alexa rank was.

Now that I’ve gotten going with my blog and I’ve been at this for a little while now, I’ve learned a few things like what SEO and Alexa rank are, but I still have a long way to go. I’ve plenty of things left to learn about blogging, but I’ve also started to explore more about making money online as a side hustle, especially by doing some staff and freelance writing.

Starting my Freelance Business

Over the last week, I had a (so far) one time work offer from a well-known blogger and as soon as I’d said yes to this great opportunity, BAM! another offer rolled right in from another established blogger to be a permanent staff writer. Now that things are happening on the freelance front, they seem to moving quickly, which I’m grateful for and very excited about! I can’t wait to learn more about the world of the online side hustlin’ and I hope to continue to grow my online presence and, of course, my online income.

What About My Blog?

What does this mean for my blog and readers? Nothing except that my postings will be a little less frequent now that I’ve taken on some additional writing opportunities.

I’m scaling back my postings here to a M,W,F schedule, but I’ll still be available by email or Twitter any day of the week. I’m not going anywhere, after all, this blog is a great portfolio of my writing and may continue to help me secure online jobs, {see my Hire Me page if you are looking to hire! :)} plus it is a great accountability tool for me to continue on my journey to becoming debt and clutter free!

Have you made any money online? How are you hustlin’?

I can't wait to be this type of inspiration and motivation to start a blog and hustle to make it grow!

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20 responses to “Everyday I'm Hustlin'

  1. Congrats, Kayla. I’ve started a little bit of writing too, mostly to get my name out there, but who knows where it will go. It’s both exciting and challenging at the same time.

    1. Yes! Excited for you. I love writing and I’m excited to start doing more of it and get paid 🙂 Best of both worlds!

    1. Yay! Glad it wasn’t just me. When I thought of the title for this post I just couldn’t stop singing that song 🙂

    1. I’m glad you think my story is inspiring!I haven’t really made much $$ (yet), so I still find others like Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents, Holly @ Club Thrifty, etc to be my inspiration! 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you were already singing 🙂 I was singing it in my head the whole time I was writing this post and pretty much all weekend after I thought of the title before I’d even started writing the post! 🙂

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