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My Not-so-Frugal Weekend

August 20, 2014

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14980440466_5765b21a65_zAs I mentioned Friday, I had a great time on my business trip and it only cost me about $3 out-of-pocket. (I needed a snack on the way home and paid for it myself.) But after a frugal couple of days out-of-town, I rushed home to meet my BFF and her hubby who were staying with me for the weekend, and we were not-so-frugal during our time together.

I’ve talked before about how she and her hubby often make me jealous with their new car, new tech gadgets, and now their new (and better than mine) house, though they don’t do it on purpose. They’ve just gone under contract and are set to close on the house November 1st. I know I shouldn’t be jealous, and I am happy for them, but it can sure be hard to not envy what they’ve got sometimes.

Anyhow, we had a great weekend. Friday night we made and drank some Sangria and it was delicious! This activity didn’t cost me anything as she had brought the recipe and ingredients with her.

Saturday morning started off great. We went to the new coffee shop/bakery in my hometown and enjoyed a large and delicious breakfast. I spent $7.55 on this meal, which is far more than if I’d had breakfast at home, but it was so worth it! After breakfast, we went out to my parents house and did some plinking and target practice with our firearms. {Yes I know how to shoot, does that scare you? :)} My mom fixed us lunch and then we headed back to town.

In the afternoon, we did a little shopping, which you can read all about here. The bottom line is, I was good at the shoe store, but bad at the clothing store. I paid about $115.00 for one pair of jeans, a pair of workout pants, a sweat band, and a shirt. What out of all that did I need? Maybe the workout pants and sweat band, and if I justify it to myself enough I can convince myself I “need” the jeans, though I really don’t. I will be going back into the store to return the jeans and the shirt, which will bring my total down to about $50.

For supper, we went to the local bar and had greasy bar food and several pitchers of red beer. Yum! I decided that it was my treat since they had driven out to see me and had provided the Sangria the night before. Our total at the bar was $46.50, it should have been more but they left 2-3 pitchers off our ticket. SCORE!

Sunday morning, I was treated to breakfast and then they left to go home mid-morning.

I love my BFF and we always have fun together, but I usually end up spending way more money than I plan on. I think from now on, I need to set myself up for success by having a little more “blow” money set aside for our visits to each other. Luckily for my budget, I won’t be seeing her again until my visit to them the first week of October.

My total weekend spending: $169.05 (before returns)/$104.50 (after returns)

How was your weekend? Were you successfully frugal?

Photo courtesy of: Janine

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27 responses to “My Not-so-Frugal Weekend

  1. I was successfully frugal, but only because we didn’t do that much! It’s hard when you have company come in from out of town or are visiting because there’s a natural desire to go out and do things.
    Good work returning something you knew you didn’t need. That must have felt good!

  2. My mom and I went to Target last week-end…BUT we spent just under $80 and most of it was for food. $30 was for a sweater for my mom as she was feeling cold and forgot to pack a sweater for her visit with me.
    I agree with your idea of setting aside a little bit more for fun spending with your BFF. Good on you for returning the items you know you don’t need 🙂

    1. Thanks Kassandra. $80 at Target isn’t too bad, especially if it mostly just on food and a sweater for your mom. Target is addicting!

    2. $30 for a sweater sounds expensive for Target, so it must be a really nice one!

      I”m proud of you for taking your jeans back Kayla. You’ve been working hard so it was nice for you to be able to kick back with your friend. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just carry on. xo

    1. We usually go out to eat and I get it that you don’t want to be cheap. I haven’t told her about my debts and I don’t really want to let on right now, which can make for an even bigger problem at times.

  3. I totally know what you mean about having friends that make you a little jealous. One of my best friends went to nursing school for 6 years before she graduated. When she was done she got a job quickly and started by paying off her credit cards first. When she was done she treated herself to an amazingly timeless Louis Vuitton bag which obviously had a pretty hefty price tag attached. The bag is amazing, I love it and I want it, but I know that she busted her butt and wanted to treat herself to something nice after paying off her credit cards. Now she is working on her student loans.

    1. WOW! I’d be jealous of a LV bag too *drools*. Maybe someday after we work hard to save $$ and pay off debt we too can afford to “treat ourselves” with a luxury purchase made with cash!

  4. We all tend to spend a bit more when we have friends visiting or go visit them. We eat out, shop, see the sights, etc. I think you did well overall. You may have gotten caught up in the moment when you went shopping, but later you took stock and made the decision to return the wanted but unneeded items. And that’s a huge victory, Kayla. Not too long ago, I suspect you may not have only spent more during a weekend with your friend, but you would have never returned the clothes either. Your plan to save up for the next visit and have more wiggle room on what you spend is a good plan. You want to have fun together and it’s even better when it’s guilt-free.

    1. Thanks Shannon! Your are so right that prior to this year, I wouldn’t have ever re-considered and taken the clothes back to the store. I would’ve stayed oblivious to the amount I had just spent on things I didn’t need and gone on down the road, accumulating more debt as I went. I did so much better with my spending and I know I can continue to get better and have less guilt if I put aside some money just for these little get-togethers. 🙂

  5. Hi Kayla, sounds like you and your friends had a great time! I wouldn’t feel too bad about the spending, especially as you’re taking your jeans and shirt back. I had a splurge last week, the first time in 20 months for a birthday meal out. It felt alien – kind of wrong even, but I’m chalking it up to one of life’s pleasures that it’s ok to spend for! 🙂

    1. Yes, you are right. It is okay to do a splurge, but only if it’s truly once in a while. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your meal out!

  6. That’s not so bad, and it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself! You’re making memories and treasuring the visit, nothing wrong with that. It’s great that you evaluated your clothing purchases and decided to return a few items. $46 at the bar seems like a steal for three people – awesome that they left off the extra pitchers. My weekend was pretty frugal, is it sad I can’t really remember what we did? I don’t think we spent any money, though!

    1. It’s ok, I go through weekends where I can’t remember what I did too (and it’s not alcohol induced either 🙂 ).

  7. Oh man, I can so relate! Sometimes I make it a point to NOT visit friends because I know I’ll blow my budget so badly…. it’s always hard when you’re near your “Joneses.”

    But it sounds like you did fairly well – especially for a great weekend with great friends!

    1. I put off our next visit into October so my September budget can be more debt-focused and then in October I can put more toward “fun” for that visit.

  8. My weekend was not frugal at all. I went to a music festival (my first one ever actually) and spent a lot on food and drinks. I was frugal, because we did go to the local dive bar and Chipotle, instead of buying $6 beers and $10 food inside the festival.

    1. That’s a good point. Frugal can be a relative term. Good for you for not giving in to the food and drinks in the festival. They are always marked up like 300%.

  9. Ah, buyer’s remorse! Returns are a part of every shopping binge I go on. 😛 Sometimes it is good to just enjoy time with friends, but when it becomes habit the budget can buckle. Putting in a line item for visiting her sounds like a genius idea!

  10. It’s hard to be totally frugal when you’re spending time with friends. Sounds like you tried to find a happy medium though. I like your idea of saving up a bit before the next get-together. My husband and I have categories in our monthly budget for “play” and “restaurants” to cover just this sort of challenge. If you don’t need it in any one month, awesome! But if you do, at least you know it was planned and doesn’t bust your budget.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. I definitely had a rough weekend financially too – but a lot of fun and totally worth it. I went to visit a college friend and had to pay for gas to get there, a ticket to a beer festival, a ticket to a wing festival and a few meals. But the real kicker was the two days of parking tickets leading up to it that totaled more than $200. Oi vey.

    At least all the fun makes it worth it.

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