How I Get Makeup for Free

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Makeup is something that I used to put on everyday. Back when I had a full-time job, I put it on Monday through Friday every week for sure. And sometimes on the weekends.

You may not realize it at first since you use very little product each day and it feels like your makeup lasts forever, but makeup and personal care can be VERY expensive!

In my daily routine I used about $150 worth of products (or more depending on the day and occasion). Now, I don’t mean $150 went on my face each day, but the price of all the products added up is $150.

I estimated that I probably used about $600 of actual makeup in a year, based on how many of each product I usually buy each year. This is quite costly when you’re living on a strict budget. Luckily, I get makeup for Free!

How I Get Makeup for Free

I don’t know if I’ve revealed this to any of you before, but in addition to my previous full-time job, my part-time job, my online side hustles, and everything else life threw my way, I started selling Mary Kay in 2013.

Back then, I was super-conscious of the fact that I didn’t want to be one of those pushy sales types. In fact, during the time I’ve been a consultant, I’ve only held about 10 home parties.

This is because I hate home parties, especially at the end when you’re supposed to do a hard sell to move products.

Instead I’ve always “worked my business” (as they call it!) by simply asking women around me if they need anything. Surprisingly there have been a lot of yeses.

I’ve just taken the time to listen to their needs, tell them why I love Mary Kay makeup and skin care, and not pushed them to buy anything they don’t need (or anything at all really, I’m fine with their nos too).

Why it Works

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It’s pretty easy for me because I’m a people-person. Plus, I’ve been using the products for years so I know what ones I love and why.

Being on a strict budget also makes it easy for me to understand when women tell me they can’t buy anything right now because it’s not in their budget. Plus, I try not to be Mary Kay all the time or make my friends feel pressured to “support my business” by buying things they don’t want or need.

I will never be one of those “top directors” in Mary Kay. I’m okay with that because it’s not my goal. I basically “work my business” in Mary Kay to get makeup for free and make a small profit.

Now, I’m not trying to preach to you or convince you to sign up for selling Mary Kay, but here’s how I get my makeup for free:

  • When you sign with Mary Kay you only have to order $225 wholesale every 11 months. This is how you get your products at half off retail price.
  • To save the other 50% on all the products I use, I make sure to sell enough products that I can use my profits to cover the cost of my makeup. This means that I never have to use money out of my budget to pay for these items. I get makeup for free!

Mary Kay is pretty saturated in my small, rural community. But even still, I’ve found women who’ve never heard of the company before! By simply putting my name out there, ordering and distributing a few catalogs, and talking to be people in a genuine way, I’ve found a way to cut out a large personal care expense item from my monthly budget. I’d call that a win!

How much do you spend on makeup? Have you ever tried to get makeup for free?



  • Sounds like a great, and fun, side hustle! I confess I really don’t wear much make-up. Does sunscreen count :)? I do wear mascara and eyeliner sometimes.

    • To each their own! I feel that in my office makeup is somewhat of a necessity, as I’d be the only female in the office without it if I didn’t wear it.

  • What a great way to cover your costs! I like your non-pushy business model. Sometimes women just want to replace their eyeliner and not have to deal with the sales pitch or the party. I may be talking from personal experience.

    and yes Mrs. FW, sunscreen totally counts! Its preventative anti-aging cream πŸ™‚

    • That’s exactly it Kate! I try not to be pushy at all because I know I don’t like it when people are pushy with me.

  • I wear fairly expensive foundation (work days & evenings out), and BB cream (non-work days), as well as concealer, blush, lip gloss, and mascara (only on foundation days). But the company from which I buy makeup, includes free samples with every order, so I get my mascara and some lip gloss and BB cream that way.

  • I agree with Kate – it’s a great way to get the makeup you want for free! Avon was really, really popular everywhere my mom worked. She was always ordering from one of the women in her office, and a lot of people seemed to get behind it! It’s great when you have friends and family that buy from you so you don’t have to be pushy or anything.

    • Yeah, where I worked during college there was an Avon lady, but it doesn’t seem as popular where I live now, lots of people here are MK fans instead. πŸ™‚

  • I probably spend too much on make-up, well, more skin-care products. The older I get (and the more wrinkles I see) the fussier I get and more willing to spend a few extra bucks. Vanity. πŸ™‚ My youngest sister and my Mom sell Nerium and have been very successful with it.

    • I’ve heard of that company before too, but never tried it. I think it’s new to this area (we’re a little behind sometimes). πŸ™‚ I understand that, I’ll probably be spending a bit more for skincare as I age too!

  • My sis and daughter are selling Arbonne. I’m not wearing much makeup these days but I do love the Arbonne face wash. Smell’s really citrusy and I just have to use a small bit. They keep bugging me to go into it but I just don’t think I have the bandwidth. I’m so amazed by all you do, Kayla.

    • Thanks Debs! Like I said in the post, I don’t have to committ too much time to this “business” venture, but it does help me get my makeup for FREE and make a small profit too.

  • I like how you made a point to say you make a small profit as well as getting free make up. My sister fell into the habit of spending more than she made when she sold Avon!

    • I can see how that would happen. I try VERY VERY hard to not spend more on “supplies” or on additional products I don’t actually need. This keeps my costs down and ensures I make at least a little profit, in addition to it paying for my makeup.

  • I sell MK, too πŸ™‚ However, I only do it to get the discount and I give everyone who buys from me the discount, too. So, while I’m not getting my makeup for free, I am getting everything for half off, which makes me very happy!

    • Even getting it half off is great! With the discount it’s cheaper than most drug store makeup and is better quality (in my opinion). Good for you Brandy!


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