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Getting out of Debt is Hard

June 2, 2014

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Getting Out of Debt is Hard *NEWS FLASH* Getting out of debt is hard!

I’ve been loving Hayley at A Disease Called Debt‘s series “Debt Success Stories” and felt particularly inspired by Richard’s story, where he says:

“I spent too long thinking about and talking about getting out of debt. Mainly because it’s hard and requires some serious commitment – and at least at first I didn’t have that. But sooner or later you’re going to have to face that demon. So the sooner you get started the better.”

I too spent quite a bit of time thinking about setting up a budget and thinking about trying to get out of debt. How long? Hmmm, like several months. I knew I was deep in debt back in the spring of 2013, but I kept ignoring it.

Why’d it take me so long to decide to go for it?

Exactly like Richard says, getting out of debt is hard and I didn’t have, and I still don’t sometimes have, the self-discipline to stick with it. I still have weak moments and tough days where all I want to do is give up and eat out, or go shopping and put it on my credit card. But sooner or later you have to face the music.

Last September, I knew I wanted to start getting out of debt. I thought about it a lot and I started reading lots of PF blogs. I was fascinated reading about how people started their journeys to becoming debt free, but I didn’t actually take action until December, when I started my blog and made my first ever budget.

I think it’s especially hard to try to get out of debt when people around you seem to be able to do whatever they want with their money (even though it’s fully possible that they are in debt too, they just aren’t facing it like you are).

I want you all to know that I think about giving up almost everyday frequently and some days I do give in to my shopping monster, but I’m trying to just keep going. If I don’t get out of debt myself, it’s not going to happen. There’s no magical fairy to pay off my debts for me. I got myself into this mess and I’m going to get myself out, one day and one dollar at a time.

Do you think getting out of debt is hard?

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16 responses to “Getting out of Debt is Hard

  1. Yes – getting out of debt is really hard. I have plenty of days where I just want to splurge for once. Occasionally I do, but I never ever put anything on credit. I would only ever do that if I had a real emergency nowadays. You’re doing great! The most important thing to do when getting out of debt is to not give in. If you don’t give in, you can’t fail. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning Richard’s story by the way!

    1. Hayley, you are so right! As long as I keep making progress (even small progress) each month, then I’ll get there. Splurges happen and I think I’m going to try and budget for them a little better in the future that way I don’t set myself up for failure.

  2. Hi Shoe,

    This post could not have come at a better time. I think about being out of debt ALL THE TIME, to the point where I think I obsess about it. I carry around a little notebook where I write up my fluctuating expenses and I calculate how much I can afford to pay my debt that pay period. My goal is to be debt free by the end of the year but I have hit a bump in June where it looks like I won’t be able to pay as much as I usually do. It’s very frustrating and I think it’s nice to to know that so many are tempted to give in to splurges. I think as humans we have trouble committing our efforts for long term results. We want results NOW! 🙂 But as I read somewhere, it took us years to accumulate the debt therefore we shouldn’t expect to pay it all instantly.
    Keep on tucking Shoe, the end will come. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you can relate to this post! I’m not a very patient person (AT ALL) and I never have been. I’m totally guilty of wanting results NOW! But what you heard is so right. I didn’t accumulate it all in one day and I can’t pay it all off in one day either. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. It is very hard to get out of debt. In the beginning it felt impossible but after I paid off the first credit card it felt like it was getting easier.

    It is frustrating seeing others live their life with their cash but you can get there too! Don’t give in to the monster you’ve done brilliantly.

    1. Thanks DBC! It is very frustrating, though we never really know what their financial situation is, maybe they’re getting into debt by living that way 🙁 We’ve just got to keep on keepin’ on! You are doing great with your debts too!

  4. Yes, I absolutely agree that getting out of debt is hard. It’s unfortunately super easy to get into debt but not as easy to get out. You are definitely not alone in spending time thinking about your debt and knowing that you should get out. Many people do the same thing but many people also don’t do what you did – which is finally take action. It is a commitment and sometimes it’s take a few months to build that commitment to an actionable place. The road to financial freedom will have its speed bumps but with solid commitment, you’ll make it and that it what matters most.

    1. Shannon- thanks for the encouragement and you are right, it is WAY easier to get into debt than to get out of it. Taking the action to get started is the hardest thing I’ve done so far, though telling myself “NO” when I want something is pretty hard too…

  5. I think getting out of debt is like losing weight. It’s hard! You have to make some serious changes in your life to be successful.

    1. That is a great comparison Tre! I used to think loosing weight was hard but now I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. I’m not dropping weight quickly (I still haven’t overhauled my eating habits). But, I am working hard at working out, now it’s mostly second nature and I HATE when I have to miss my regularly scheduled workout time, which is a huge change from how I used to be – comfortable with not ever working out.

  6. Getting out of debt is definitely hard. It requires commitment and discipline, and a change in mindset/habits for most people. I try to remind myself that it’s in my best interests not to splurge, even when I want to. And if I do, I think long and hard about it. Whenever I have a purchase in mind, I always think about how that money could go toward my student loans, which helps me evaluate whether or not it’s a good purchase. When push comes to shove, I would rather pay down my debt quicker, but there are a few exceptions!

    1. EM – it seems like you have very good self control, which is awesome! I am still working on mine and it sure is a struggle somedays 🙂

  7. Getting out of debt has never been the hard part for me — it’s been *staying* out! So in that sense I’d say what’s hard is achieving a debt-free mindset.

    But whichever terminology we use — yeah, it’s exhausting, to change habits and look for side hustles and all those things. I wish there were a magical debt fairy, I really do 🙂

    1. Cecilia, a magical fairy would be great but we sure wouldn’t learn anything from it and would (most likely) end up right back in debt. I know it’s worth it, but it sure is hard sometimes!

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