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Winter Slump

4 Frugal and Easy Ways to Beat Your Winter Slump

December 26, 2018

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After the holidays, it’s pretty common to fall into a winter slump.

On one hand, you may have lofty goals set for the new year. But on the other, you don’t have as much to look forward to now that the holidays are over.

I’ve been there! I commonly find myself in a winter slump come mid-January. Sometimes I’m able to stay on track with some of my goals, but other areas of life go completely off track.

I get tired, grouchy, and irritated that I can’t spend much time outside. I honestly think the majority of my winter slump comes from a lack of fresh air and sunshine. That’s one of the worst things about a winter slump, it’s really hard to beat it until spring rolls around.

But in the meantime, you’ve still got things to do and you can’t let your winter slump keep you down.

Here are 4 ways to beat your winter slump this year.

1. Get Moving!

It’s hard to want to exercise when it’s cold and dreary outside, but it’s one of the easiest ways to beat a slump.

If you encounter a warm-ish day, get out side and take a walk. Otherwise, you can find plenty of ways to exercise at home, even if you don’t have any equipment.

You can do body weight exercises, like air squats, push ups, sit ups, lunges, and more.

If you have room in your budget, spring for a few basic items to use for your at-home workouts. A set of dumbbells can go a long way.

AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand Price: These are a go-to item for lots of simple exercises. AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand

If you have a stair case, you can use it to get some extra cardio in your workout. Use your bottom step to do some fast step ups, or run up and down the staircase a few times in a row during your workout.

2. Lay Off The “Good Stuff”

The holidays are usually packed full of foods that are delicious, but terrible for you, like chocolate, carbs, caffeine, and alcohol.

These are all great treats for once in a while. But after the holidays are done, it’s best to get back to fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid a winter slump. You’ll feel better if you lay off that stuff for a while.

3. Soak Up the Sun

As I mentioned, when there is a warm-ish day with sunshine, I try to get outside for at least a few minutes. But even if it’s not warm outside, you can still let the sun do it’s magic while you’re inside.

Open up the blinds during the day while it’s sunny to help you get some extra vitamin D and lift your mood. Getting as much sun as possible will definitely help you beat your winter slump.

If that still doesn’t help, try a sunlight lamp. Yes, it’s a thing.

Natural Full Spectrum DayLight Lighting Desk Lamp Price: This is supposed to help with S.A.D. Natural Full Spectrum DayLight Lighting Desk Lamp

4. Change Your Scenery

This time of year is when I always get an itch to redecorate. When you’re house-bound during winter is a good time to tackle a redecorating project. Plus, changing things up may help with your winter slump.

You don’t have to spend money to change your scenery either. Last year I moved my furniture around in my living room and even changed what room some of my wall hangings were used in. This gave my space a new look without having to spend money on new decorations.

If none of these work to get you out of your winter slump, don’t fret. Spring will be here soon!

Are you in a winter slump? How do you combat your winter slump?


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8 responses to “4 Frugal and Easy Ways to Beat Your Winter Slump

  1. I am in such a slump. I was going along just fine and then it hit me like BAM! Now, I can’t shake it. I think it’s partly winter and partly waiting around for things: tax information, responses to job applications and pitches, etc. I’ve been trying to shake it off by consuming “the good stuff” (in the form of Netflix and Hulu marathons. It didn’t help.

    1. Yes! I totally hear you. I hate taxes, but at the same time I can’t wait for them to be done. This time of year is just full of things that can cause us to be in a slump.

  2. When January started I was totally in a slump. I’m feeling better now but it’s a process and something you have to be mindful of your mental and physical health in order notice and beat those slumps when they happen.

    1. Yes!! I was totally in a slump too. I hate winter and I get like this at least once every winter. Now I know how to better prepare for it so I can beat it.

  3. My day is guaranteed to be better if I work out. That’s a great tip! I now realize, reading your post, that it’s been a while since I’ve had some sunlight. I’m going to take a long walk in the sun this weekend and get some natural vitamin D.

    1. Good for you! You are right, it is hard to get outside sometimes in the winter. We have snow on the ground here and it has been pretty darn cold so I have stayed in mostly as a result. I still work out though 3 times a week.

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