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Deck the Halls FI

3 Easy Ways to Deck the Halls on a Budget

November 28, 2018

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Decorating my home for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do each holiday season. It’s even turned into a bit of a family tradition.

Luckily, it’s also a pretty frugal one, too!

Our Annual Deck the Halls Routine

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we start the day off at my grandma’s house. We help her get down her Christmas decorations from a high shelf. Then, we help her to set up her tree and decorate her house. After that, we usually have leftovers for lunch.

In the afternoon, we trek across town to decorate my house. We drag all the Christmas decorations up from the basement and spend most of the afternoon setting up and decorating my tree and the rest of my house to make it festive.

Supper is usually eaten at my mom and dad’s, after which we help them drag their Christmas stuff up from their basement. Because they have a full-size tree (Grandma and I don’t), it takes a bit longer to get it set up. By then we are usually exhausted and all decorated out for the day. In fact, sometimes we don’t even get to this part of the process until Sunday.

With all this experience decorating 3 houses for Christmas each year, you could say I’m pretty much an expert on making things look festive without spending any money. Yep, that’s right. It usually costs me $0 to deck the halls for Christmas. Here’s how.

3 Ways to Deck the Halls on a Budget

You’ve heard of the 3 R’s right? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. That’s pretty much the way I am able to deck the halls at my house, my grandma’s house, and my parents’ house for free (or at least very little) money.

1. Reduce

This year we went pretty minimalist compared to some years in the past. At each person’s house this year we decided to get rid of all the things we weren’t using. This helps reduce the amount of stuff we have to drag up from the basement or pull off of a high shelf each year.

I’m still working on my mom to get her to reduce her stuff a little bit more as she has by-far the most Christmas stuff in her house.

Keeping Christmas decorations to a minimum not only reduces the amount of time spent sorting through things, decorating, and dragging things up from the basement, it also saves money. How?

Well think about how much electricity it takes to plug in all of those Christmas lights. We got rid of a bunch of old, inefficient Christmas lights from my mom’s stash this year since they hadn’t been used in the last several years anyway.

Now, she’s switched to more energy-efficient Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights 60LED String Lights Set Price: Energy efficient and still pretty! Plus, they can be used inside or outside. Christmas Lights 60LED String Lights Set

2. Reuse

Another thing we do to deck the halls and save money is to reuse things over and over again.

Whenever we do buy something new for our Christmas tree, or other decorations, we try to put thought into it.

We ask things like:

  • Does this go with what I already own?
  • Will I be able to use this for years to come?

If it doesn’t fit these criteria, we don’t buy it.

We reuse the same Christmas ornaments and other decorations for years and years until they look shabby, break, or we eventually decide to change the style of our tree.

All three of us use fake Christmas trees instead of buying a live tree each year. This saves a ton of money over the course of just a few years.

For instance, I paid around $30 for my small 4′ tree and I’ve used it for the last 7 years. This makes the cost per use around $4.

4 Foot Kincaid Spruce Tree with 100 Clear Lights Price: $43.06 Pre-lit trees save time and make it easy to deck the halls in a hurry! 4 Foot Kincaid Spruce Tree with 100 Clear Lights

If I were going to buy a live tree it’d cost me around $30/year based on the live trees I saw at the grocery store. Plus, if I had a live tree in my house I’d also have to take a lot more allergy medicine. They smell great, but they make me so itchy. 🙁

Deck the Halls FI

3. Recycle

Finally, we have done a fair bit of recycling to save money while decorating for Christmas.

My mom and grandma actually traded nativity scene sets with each other because they each had one set that matched the other person’s house better. My mom and I also have Christmas trees that are decorated in much the same style, so we have traded a few ornaments back and forth over the years too.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to deck the halls and get in a festive spirit. It just takes a little creativity and some planning ahead to make sure you can deck the halls and stick to your budget.

Do you decorate for Christmas each year? How do you save money on decorating?


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14 responses to “3 Easy Ways to Deck the Halls on a Budget

  1. We save money by not changing our décor that often. This year I finally decided it was time to do another color to match where I’m going with the house. The last set I had from my single days, which was almost 7 years ago. It definitely helps using a faux tree and reducing the amount of décor you use.

    1. Definitely! I’ve had the same tree and ornaments for 5 years now and I think I’ll keep using them for at least a few more years.

  2. When I lived closer to home and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, we spent Friday decorating the house. We lived in a small town so Black Friday really wasn’t a big deal and none of us wanted to go to the “big city” to shop anyway. My Mom has a ton of Christmas decorations. Many were gifts, although some she has picked up throughout the years. She definitely reuses her decorations – some she’s had since I lived at home, which was a long time ago! We’ve always had fake Christmas trees too. It’s cheaper and less messy, although I do enjoy the smell of a real tree. I don’t really decorate my apartment. No one sees it as I go home to celebrate Christmas. I guess I’m lazy! LOL! I love that your whole family helps decorate each other’s home. What a great family tradition that you’ll always remember.

    1. No one really sees my decorations either as I’m single and I live alone, but I still enjoy having them up and enjoying their beauty during the Christmas season! My mom has a ton of Christmas stuff. Most of it she’s had for years and has re-used many times, which is a great money saver, but I still wish she’d get rid of some of it so we didn’t have to haul it upstairs every year.

  3. I save some of the packaging I receive presents in to reuse – like nice Xmas boxes or bags. Wrapping and packaging can be so expensive! I also will buy wrapping paper after Xmas to use the following year 🙂 I am still building my Xmas decor so to speak, so I have been sticking to things that are on sale that I really like instead of buying thing to fill up the space.

    1. We re-use gift bags, bows, and gift boxes too. You can’t really re-use wrapping paper unless you are super careful when you unwrap gifts. I don’t have that kind of patience, so we don’t reuse wrapping paper.

  4. We tend to start decorating the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. We use an artificial tree every year and the same ornaments and ribbons my mom gave me when I moved out on my own a few years back. I’ve purchased very little decorations over the years and it seem more intimate and traditional to use our favorite decor each year and store it during the off season.

    1. That’s great! I have some ornaments from childhood that I’ve kept but don’t put up on my tree. They are more sentimental than anything and it’s fun to look at them every year, but I don’t put them up because I don’t want my cat to knock them off the tree and break them. 🙁

  5. like nice Xmas boxes or bags. Wrapping and packaging can be so expensive! I also will buy wrapping paper after Xmas to use the following year ? I am still building my Xmas decor so to speak,

  6. Another tip for saving money on Christmas decorations: many stores (like Target) put their Christmas items on deep discount a week or so after the holiday season concludes. If you don’t mind storing decorations and such from year to year you might find decorations, wrapping paper and cards at great prices if you shop for them ~51 weeks ahead of next Christmas.

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