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How to Save on Warm Winter Clothes + $20 Off with ThredUp!

November 30, 2015

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Winter clothes can be so expensive! Here's how I save money on warm winter clothes via @shoeaholicnomore

As much as I love Christmas, I also hate, hate, hate the winter. I don’t enjoy the cold weather at all and if I didn’t have to leave the house between late November and early April, I wouldn’t.

Alas, I do have to leave at least occasionally to get groceries as we don’t have a grocery delivery service in my small town. Otherwise, I seriously might not ever leave the house during winter now that I work from home. 🙂

Whenever I have to leave the house I get all bundled up because I hate to be cold. I’m a big fan of wearing several layers whenever I go somewhere because I can always take off a coat or jacket if I’m too warm, but if I didn’t wear or bring a coat, that I’m SOL if I’m too cold.

It’s been very cold here the last few days. In fact, we have a pretty bad ice storm roll through on Thanksgiving Day. That sure made it difficult to get around town to visit friends and family.

Good quality, warm winter clothes can be pretty expensive. Luckily, I’ve found a few ways to save on warm winter clothes. Here are some of my favorite ways to save on warm winter clothes.

Look for High Quality Used Clothes on ThredUp

I have heard quite a bit about ThredUp from different bloggers I follow, but I never found anything on there that I wanted. To be fair, I don’t really need too many clothes right now, and it can be difficult to find very specific items on sites like ThredUp because they are very hit and miss. But if you are looking for more general things like a party dress or warm sweaters instead of a party dress in a specific color or sweaters of a certain brand, ThredUp is a great place to start.

All the clothes on ThredUp are name brand and lightly used. This means they will last a long time. I’ve even seen lots of new items on the website, like the Kate Spade handbag I scored a few months ago. Everything on the site is highly discounted but in very good condition.

If you use one my ThredUp links in this post, you can even get $20 off your first order, and I’ll get $20 off my next order too! The best part about shopping on ThredUp is that returns are easy. You get a prepaid shipping label with your order and if you return your order for store credit, you don’t lose any money. That is one bonus about ThredUp that I love because when you buy clothes online, you never know how they’ll fit when they arrive.

Hit Pre-Season Sales, Like Black Friday

I know, I know. Black Friday/Cyber Monday (today!) is the devil! But if you truly need something, shopping on Black Friday isn’t a bad idea. You definitely have to be careful not to go over your budget or to get caught up in the frenzy of buying stuff just because it’s on sale. That said, shopping during a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale can be a good way to save money on warm winter clothes for the coming weather.

Shop Off-Season

Another great option to save on warm winter clothes is to shop off-season. It’s common sense that when demand is high, prices will be high and sales will be scarce. Instead of waiting for cold weather to strike before you buy warm winter clothes, you should shop for them when they are on clearance at the tail end of the season. Selection is usually lower at this time of the year, but so are prices. Another benefit is that you won’t likely grow before the next winter season, so the things you buy should still fit by that time, unlike when you are shopping for clothes for children. (You never know how much they’ll grow before the next winter.)

Warm winter clothes don’t have to make you go broke. There are lots of ways to high quality winter clothes for a bargain. You can shop special sales, shop off-season, or shop gently used clothes on sites like ThredUp to find great deals on warm winter clothes. Don’t forget that when you use my link, you get $20 off your first order on ThredUp!

How do you save on warm winter clothes?

Winter clothes can be so expensive! Here's how I save money on warm winter clothes via @shoeaholicnomore

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6 responses to “How to Save on Warm Winter Clothes + $20 Off with ThredUp!

  1. I had never heard of this site before, Kayla! Like you, I’m not really in the market for clothes right now but I have things to sell and haven’t had much luck with Craigslist. This is actually a better fit, so I’m really excited to check it out! And when I lived in Minnesota, I hated the cold winters too. Loved Christmas so much but the freezing temps, blizzards and ice – bleech!

    1. I actually haven’t used it to sell anything yet, but I keep meaning to send some stuff in. Maybe I can do a review post on that after I clean out some of my clothes from my old office job. I won’t need nearly as many “professional” clothes now that I work from home. 🙂

  2. My husband and I have had a lot of luck shopping after Christmas sales for coats and winter gear. (admittedly, NC winters are often mild enough that you can get away with a lighter jacket most of the time.) We picked up a beautiful wool coat on his birthday year before last (Dec 27), and it was 60% off at Macy’s. This year he wants a more casual coat, and we’re going to wait until his birthday to shop again.

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