Failing Forward: A New Virtual Assistant's Passion Pivot

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Today’s guest post is from one of my $10K VA students, Kari. While it’s a little bit different from the other success stories we’ve featured on the blog so far, I think you’ll still find it inspiring!

I could do that job!  I KNEW I could do it! Those were my exact thoughts exactly .14 seconds after I finished reading the blog post about Kayla’s crazy good VA skills on Making Sense of Cents.

I had never even considered that Virtual Assistants even existed, let alone made $10K a month! When I learned that, I was hooked!

The Need for a Flexible Career, a Work From Home Job

I have always been a hard worker. I grew up on a farm bucking hay, and I had a job as soon as I could drive.

Then I got an MBA and worked for large international companies, while still finding time to volunteer for small local nonprofits. I was doing “all the things” as they say.  

I was doing things in my current job that no one had ever done before. Yet, I needed a change.

I needed to be home more to take care of my family in the way that they needed. You see, my 3-year-old daughter has Cerebral Palsy, and we have Doctor and Therapy appointments that rival any Hollywood star’s schedule.  I NEEDED more flexibility.

I had done a few random things to try and work from home. First I tried audio transcription (I don’t advise it). Online surveys were another nope!  Medical research studies, ouch!

None of them were for me.

Jumping Into Being a Virtual Assistant

When I read that blog post about Kayla’s course, I knew this was it!  So I took the plunge and bought the $10K VA course, and on my 40th birthday, I bought my very first domain for my new VA website!

I studied the course content, I took crazy good notes, and I went through all the printables a few times over.

I planned out my services, and I learned as much as I could for a few weeks solid.

There were points where I felt overwhelmed, and lost, but after going through each module in the course, I felt better, more prepared, and inspired to not just learn but to put everything into action.  

Then while scrolling through my Facebook feed, in one of the new entrepreneur groups I joined, I saw my first client!

I helped her craft her company’s mission, vision, and values. Plus, I edited and reworked her online profiles, and earned some good money doing it. I liked working on tasks and projects, at home, all by myself. As a natural introvert, this was amazing!

It was just what I wanted, a work from home job that I could grow and scale to hopefully replace my regular job.  Yet, something wasn’t quite right.

I realized that helping others build their own dream was nice, but it wasn’t MY dream.

In order to feel truly successful, I needed to be doing something that I was passionate about. Being a VA just wasn’t my thing.

I felt a bit defeated.  Like I had wasted precious money, and even more precious time, trying to be a virtual assistant.

Stink! (I have a three-year-old, that’s as crude as my cuss words get these days). So if that wasn’t my jam, then what was I going to do?

Pivoting as an Online Entrepreneur

For the past eight years, I have been a money nerd.  

Gleefully, I sat home on Friday nights in my pj’s playing with mortgage payoff calculators and messing around with retirement strategies. I listened to all the money related podcasts I could. I read books, magazines, Facebook discussion groups, etc.

Plus, I even took some of my coworkers through Dave Ramsey’s baby step program, as I knew there was a HUGE need for people just like me to learn how to manage their money better.  

I knew that people were confused and intimidated by money.

This was my passion project, my way to make a difference in people’s lives while still enabling me to have the flexibility that I needed from a career. So I started a personal finance blog for moms!

As a mom, I know that we carry a lot of worry about having a secure and stable home, and finances play a huge role in that.  Yet the tools to help us get there are totally lacking. I wanted to change that.

So my website was born. Helping other moms to learn about all things money & personal finance, so they can execute money management strategies to make a secure future for their families! 

$10K VA Is So Much More Than a VA Course

Now even though I shifted gears away from being a VA, that doesn’t mean I let all of Kayla’s knowledge go to waste! I found that I particularly used her teachings from Module 2: Perfecting Your Pitch.

Being a new blogger, I spend a lot of time trying to partner with other bloggers on projects, guest posting, etc.  The message of having a service mindset has been key to making connections!

I also went through Module 5 a few times – Running the Day to Day as a $10K VA.  Planning and time management are huge when you’re trying to do “all the things”!

I try to never let things go to waste, and I knew that the advice and strategies that Kayla laid out would help me in any venture.  

Your New Work From Home Job is Waiting For You!

I think that if it wasn’t for Kayla, I never would have been inspired to enter the online workforce.  I would never have had the courage, or even know where to start if it wasn’t for the course. For that, I am so grateful and so excited about my new path!  

If you have been thinking about jumping in, I totally recommend the course information and confidence boost that you will get from having this resource under your belt.

Kayla has laid it all out for you to succeed; you just need to get up and do it!

Even if you pivot, as I did, a lot of the info will help any new entrepreneur achieve success!

Best of luck to you on your new online adventure!

About Kari

Kari is a total money nerd mama!  Over on her website, Money for the Mamas, she is helping Mamas to learn about all things money & personal finance, so they can execute money management strategies to make a secure future for their families!


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