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3 Ways to Keep Halloween Spending from Being Scary

October 16, 2015

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Between candy and decorations, Halloween can be expensive! Here's how to save money on Halloween, and keep your budget from being totally scary!

Halloween is almost here and I’m pretty excited about it! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, partly because it’s in my favorite season (fall) and partly because I like to decorate with lots of witches’ shoes. 🙂

Halloween doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday, but a lot of people make it way more expensive than it needs to be. They spend $50-$100 (or more) on a costume for one night and don’t ever use it again. They stock up on way too much expensive candy and end up eating most of it themselves. And they buy tons of decorations every single year.

Even though I love Halloween, I don’t want my spending on the holiday to be scary. Here are 3 ways I frugalize my Halloween spending.

Keep Costumes Simple

Two years ago I was a flapper for Halloween and I spent about $50 on my costume. It was the most I’ve ever spent on one Halloween costume and I still have it in my closet so I can re-use it. But last year I was a lot more frugal.

I spent about $6.50 on last year’s costume by getting creative, using things I already had, and shopping cheap for the things I needed to complete my costume. I also realized that you don’t have to have every single accessory for people to understand what your costume is.

By doing these things you can have a great costume without spending an arm and a leg.

This year I may not dress up at all, or if I do I’ll probably just re-use my flapper costume from a couple of years ago.

Keep Treats Minimal

In my area of town there are hardly any trick or treaters. Even though I know that, I’ve gone overboard on candy every year. The only plus side is that I only buy candy I’d like to receive, so when I don’t give it all away to trick or treaters, I can keep the rest for myself. Mmwhahaha! (Evil laugh.)

This year I tried to do a better job at keeping the treats to a minimum. I bought my candy a couple of weeks ago and I’ve kept it hidden in a cabinet so friends and family wouldn’t see it and eat some whenever they are over at my house. There’s been more than one year that I’ve had to buy more candy before Halloween because my friends and family have eaten a bunch of it before Halloween.

Reuse Decorations from Year to Year

My final tip to keep Halloween spending from being scary is to reuse your Halloween (and any other holiday or seasonal) decorations for many years. Whenever I buy any decorations, I always try to keep in mind how long they’ll be able to be used. Some decorations are too flimsy to hold up for years to come, so I avoid buying those to begin with.

The only down-side of buying decorations that can be used for years and years is that you likely won’t get to have many fresh or live decorations, like a real tree or wreath for your Christmas celebration.

Nevertheless, I only buy decorations that can be reused many times and that I love. It saves me money and ensures that my house looks great for the holidays every year.

Has your Halloween spending ever been scary? What are you doing to cut back on Halloween spending?

*Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich, A Disease Called Debt and From Aldi to Harrods*

Between candy and decorations, Halloween can be expensive! Here's how to save money on Halloween, and keep your budget from being totally scary!

Shares 52

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16 responses to “3 Ways to Keep Halloween Spending from Being Scary

  1. Reusing and repurposing are key to keeping spending down. A few years back, I made a tulle “skirt” to wear over shorts and leggings. With some careful mixing and matching, I’ve been able to wear it as a devil, a lady bug, and Minnie Mouse!

  2. We went to buy Tiny Tre’s costume last night and I can’t believe how expensive they are! He has reused his last costume for 3 years and finally decided he wanted something different. I did convince him that if we bought the basic costume and accessories it would be cheaper than the full kit. When we were paying I hear this little “Wow Mom, you were right. We saved $15” 🙂

    1. That’s great! I’m really excited to hear that he agreed with your logic and recognized that you save a good chunk of change. 🙂

  3. Great tips, Kayla!! My Halloween spending has never been out of control, but my “holiday” spending has. I love decorating for fall and participating in fall activities, and the same is true for Christmas. Honestly, I try to increase my income these months so we’re free to spend a little bit more!! 🙂

    1. I try to keep my spending down as much as possible, but I do know that I can’t usually get away with spending nothing extra. Increasing your income to help cover that spending is a great idea!

    1. Thanks Jayson! I actually prefer to spend more time on decorating for Fall as I just love the Fall colors and season so much more than Winter, but I still try to keep it as frugal as possible. 🙂

  4. Good ideas, Kayla! We don’t have many trick-or-treaters either, and we definitely don’t need the empty calories ourselves, so we try to scale back on the treats. For decorations, we have a few that we like and don’t really seek out more, but if we’re “browsing” in a store that has cute ones, we can get into trouble. So we try to avoid browsing, and if we get tempted, we remind ourselves that we don’t have anywhere to store them anyway!

    1. Great point Gary! I try to avoid browsing for things I don’t need too. That really cuts down on the temptation of spending more money.

    1. Yeah, I did a $50 costume 2 years ago and they are way over-rated. You only wear them for 1 night and if you daughter is still growing chances are it won’t fit again for next year anyway.

  5. Great tips here! My husband has never carved a pumpkin so I’m excited to do that with him, but apart from the pumpkin it has cost us £4 – thats 3 x packs of £1 tweets for trick or treaters and £1 on some lights from Poundland. Job done!

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