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March 2015 Budget Plan

February 27, 2015

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I can’t believe we’re already into the third month of 2015 (practically)! This year is going crazy fast, although I did accidentally write 2014 instead of 2015 the other day, whoops!

Like I’ve said before when I shared my January budget, I’ve switched things up a bit and have decided to include an amount of required side income in my budget each month. I do expect to make more than my required amount each month and thus I will report at the end of each month with a TOTAL INCOME AND EXPENSE REPORT to show you all how things actually ended up. I’m calculating things for February and will post that info next week.

Here is my budget plan for March:

CategoryMonthly Total
House Repairs$15.00
City Bill$110.00
Gas Bill$56.65
Car Repairs$15.00
Auto Insurance$96.26
Clothes and Hair$80.00
BFF Visit$125.00
FT Income$2,088.04
Side Income Required$565.00

There are a few changes again this month. I increased my clothes and hair budget as I have a hair appointment in March. I am working on decreasing the cost of my hair appointments by getting my hair back to my natural color (or pretty close) so I can spend less time and money on keeping up with the color. Right now it’s quite a bit different from my natural color, so it will take a few appointments before it’s back to a more natural color.

I left my “personal” category (entertainment) at $50 even though I’m pretty sure I went over again in February. This has been the biggest struggle area for me as I just love going out to eat… Sigh!

I was planning to visit my BFF this weekend and had budgeted $150 for that, but now we’ve had to cancel again due to weather. We’re supposed to get quite a bit of snow over the weekend. It’s just as well since she’s planning to come out here the last weekend of March so my March budget would’ve included two lines for weekends with her but now I just have to earn enough for one weekend. The downside is, I really miss her!

Other than that, not too many changes over here. I’m just plugging away at increasing my savings and paying off debt.

Do you have any exciting plans for March? How does your March budget plan look?

I love how this blogger isn't afraid to show you the breakdown of her monthly budget!

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8 responses to “March 2015 Budget Plan

  1. This winter has been the worst!!

    Fortunately, our anticipated expenses for Feb. came in under what I expected. March’s expenses depend on what we learn about our taxes!

    1. My cable bill should be lower in March too (which isn’t reflected in my budget), but since I don’t know what it’ll be I didn’t change my amount.

  2. Not fun, but we have to get HVAC installed no later than April. We’ll probably do it in March. It’s for my in-laws in the guest house and will cost $2,500. Well, $3,600 but we’ve saved $1,100 since we realized last year that it was unavoidable.

    That comes after a whole bunch of repair bills, so it’s been a rough year already. Then it’s just a matter of saving for my husband’s cheaper-than-we-thought-but-still-really-expensive dental implants. I want to get those done in October.

    At least this will drive me to really keep on top of savings for the next 7 months. I’ll try to sock away any extra money we get and any unexpected savings we have. By my calculations, we’ll have nearly $10,000 more (thanks partially to overtime) by then. It won’t be fun, but neither is going into debt so…

    1. Unavoidable things like that happen. They’re not fun to save for, but like you said, it’s much better to save for them than go into debt for them.

  3. March is going to be a pretty lucky month for me – it’s my birthday! However, I guess it balances out though… my Mom’s birthday AND my soon to be mother-in-law’s birthdays are both in March (although I think I’ll make my fiance buy a gift for his mother… it’s his mother after all, right? ;))

    So my Mom and I will probably treat each other to facials, like we did last year. I guess it’s funny, because that’s an expense I would have skipped for myself this month but… I’m still buying it (just for someone else). Okay, I make no sense.

    Other than that – everyone better be buying me lunch and dinner when we go out because, you know, birthday! And my fiance is going to buy my new running shoes (mine are horrifically old). I am saving him $35 though, so it won’t be too bad 🙂

    PS. I’m so jealous you will get to see your BFF! I haven’t seen mine in forever, and I know how you feel!

    1. Sounds like March will be a good and fun-filled month. I hope you enjoy your facial and new running shoes!

  4. I read your February results before I read your March budget, but your March budget it looking good.
    My March has a bit of a question mark on it because I’m not sure what my taxes will come out like…

    1. Yeah, this budget doesn’t account for my taxes at all. I will probably have to pay in about $1,400-1,500 (due to freelance income) but I have that all saved up (in a separate fund) already. I’m hoping I have more saved than what I need so I can use some of the “extra” for debt or my EF, but we’ll see.

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