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October 2016 Budget and Debt Results

November 3, 2016

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Hey all! We are already a few days into November and I can’t believe how quickly time is passing us by. The holidays will be here before we know it. At least I have a good portion of my Christmas shopping already done!

I do have a confession to make, though. I didn’t make a budget for October. Like, at all.

After getting home from FinCon with just a couple of days left until October, I was feeling very stressed and behind in my work. Then when I realized I hadn’t made a budget, the month of October had already begun. Then I had that feeling like, “Oh well!”, which is not really a good feeling to have about your finances.

I know this is how I ended up in debt in the first place a few years ago. From not having a budget. Not knowing how much I was really spending. And from being very non-concerned about it.

I’m still going to report my spending below, but it could be bad since I didn’t even have a plan in mind for my month this month. So, here we go.

Debt Totals:

9/30/2016 – $139,635.82 all debt
$27,997.30 without mortgage

10/31/2016 – $139,592.20 all debt
$28,179.67 without mortgage

Difference – -$43.62 all debt
+$182.37 without mortgage


9/30/2016 – $1,596.15
10/31/2016 – $1,635.99
Difference – $39.84 Increase


CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$78.82
Gas Bill$8.36
Auto Insurance$98.59
Personal Trainer$170.00
Cash/Other Spending$1,043.72
Tags and Taxes on Car$334.11
Travel Savings$100.00


A few things happened this month that make my numbers look a little weird. My debt barely decreased and only thanks to my mortgage payment. If you don’t include my mortgage, my debt actually increased this month, which isn’t good. This is because I put some expenses from FinCon16 on my credit card and hadn’t made the entire payment for those by the statement closing date.

After being gone for a week in September for FinCon, I also went out of town in October for a week with my grandma. I took her on a 10.5 hour (one-way) road trip to visit some of her family as her brother isn’t doing well and it was important for her to visit her family. My mom and her brothers decided to pay for most of the trip for my grandma’s birthday so she didn’t have to worry about the expenses of gas, food, etc. since she’s retired with not much income these days. The expenses for the trip went on my credit card as well, though they were reimbursed when I got back home. Some of these expenses are in this month’s balances, but some were after the cut-off date and thus will be on the November statements.

I also had to go to the eye doctor, so the cost of that is included in my cash and other spending. Also included in that are some Christmas gifts for my family and friends, and the cost of birthday cake and a gift for my grandma while we were on our trip. We had a huge party for her and the cake alone was almost $40 even though we didn’t get anything too fancy.

On the next line is the cost of my property tax and annual tag renewal for my car. It cost me over $300 this year. It is about $40 lower than last year.

Finally, my brother hasn’t been home much since he’s been helping our family with corn harvest. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get paid for that work until the end of harvest. This means I footed the entire bills for the mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc. He will be paying me back for his share of those bills after he gets paid from harvest. This isn’t 100% reflected above. I still only showed half the utility bills and my portion of the mortgage in my table. My actual spending was about $500 more than what is shown. But, it will be reimbursed by my brother later this month.

I’m hoping to not have any more big travel or unplanned expenses in the next  couple of months, but with the holidays things are always a little bit more expensive. Along with that, it seems that after 4 years of living in my house, some things are starting to wear out and need repaired or replaced.

For instance, I think I’m going to have to buy a new microwave. It is humming and not heating as well as it used to. The safety gate I have at the top of my staircase to keep my dogs from going downstairs is no longer latching. I am putting off that $50+ purchase by using a bungee cord with hooks to hold the gate closed. But it seems that every time I turn around, something is needing repaired or replaced.

I have had a plumber, electrician, and HVAC man all come to my home for repairs recently. I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop from them because I still haven’t gotten a bill for their work. Ahh, the life of a homeowner!

How was your October?

I didn't even make a formal budget for October, but I still wanted to report my spending for the month. Find out how I did without a budget.


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