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Office Declutter: Before and Better

May 22, 2014

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The "after" photos of my office declutter are not pretty, so I decided to call them "better" photos because I'm okay with better. Do you settle for better?I hesitated before writing this post because I didn’t think the “after” photos really give justice to the hours and hours (literally) I spent working on paper work and decluttering in my home office. The “after” photos of my office declutter are still not pretty. There’s still plenty of work to be done in there, but I decided to follow advice from Nony at A Slob Comes Clean‘s recent post: Being Okay with Better. I also decided to call them before and “better” photos, rather than before and “after” photos.

Here’s the before:

Office Before 2Office Before 3As you can see, the “office” is basically just my dumping ground at the moment. Mail, bills, magazines, and all kinds of random crap stuff just gets stashed in this room and on the black and white desk, which was also stashed in this room. It sits right in the middle of the room with only a small walkway around it.

Ideally, I’d like to get this room to where it can actually function as an office. Right now, I do most my paperwork and office work on my dining room table, which is not ideal because it is a bar-height table and it’s not comfortable to sit with my legs dangling for that long, I’m short so I can’t reach the bars on the stools very well to rest my feet on them.

Side note: my dogs like to “help” me with decluttering projects and you can spot them in these pics 🙂Office Before

And the Better

After spending about 4 hours at a time 3-4 times for a total of about 16 hours, the office went from that to this.

Office Better 2Office Better 3Office Better

Now, you might be wondering why it took so many hours for this change. Long story short, I went through every single piece of paper in the 2 drawer file cabinet and from a couple of the paper piles on the black desk and the piles by the yellow plant in the before photos.

I shredded, tossed and “archived” all the papers that were from past years. I took out 3-4 13 gal bags of trash and shredding and I can now use my 2-drawer cabinet to hold the current year’s stuff, which was also on the black desk before.

Yes, I’m aware that the black desk is still covered in crap stuff, as is the black folding table, the big office chair and one corner of the room by the bookcase. Like I said before, this isn’t an after shot, it’s just a better shot. 🙂 I have a long way to go to be able to fit everything into my future Tiny House, but I can’t wait to get there!

Do you always finish projects or do you sometimes have to settle for better?

I love how this blogger decluttered her office and is starting new!

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15 responses to “Office Declutter: Before and Better

    1. It’s not a fun project by any means, but having it done makes me feel so much better! Now when I need to locate an important document I know right where to go, which is a great feeling! So much less stress 🙂

  1. What a difference! I started organizing my home office a few months ago and really need to get back in there and finish. It’s definitely our catch-all room!

    1. Mine is too, but I’d really like to get it “finished” so it can function as an office like I intended when I moved in.

  2. Yes! You are motivating me to get on with my paperwork which I have been putting off! I hate it. But with some good tunes playing, maybe I can get through it. Of course, with the nice weather finally here, who wants to be working inside? uh … ya

    I need to see a bigger picture of your doggies. They look precious! What kind are they?

    1. I have one PB mini-dachshund she’s like 8 lbs and one mini-dachshund/jack russell terrier mix, she’s so smart and weighs like 12-13lbs.

      I did this project about a month ago probably (when it was still nasty outside). Now that it’s nice no way do I want to work inside when I can be outside!

      1. I thought they were wieners. My daughter has a mini wiener (beige/sand) but she’s a big mini and a black mutt that may have some dachshund in him because his legs are quite short.

        1. I love my weenie dogs! I also have a german shorthaired pointer, but he’s not in that pic and neither is my cat.

  3. Your after photos show that you made progress. It’s better to sort through everything as you go, even though it takes longer.

    1. Thanks Tre! I think so too. I get frustrated sometimes because it doesn’t look like I’m making progress as quickly since it takes longer, but will save me from doing it the next time.

  4. Nice job! Paperwork is so tedious to go through. The other day, I was trying to find my birth certificate, and it kind of forced us to go through a whole bunch of stuff. Mostly R, because he receives many things via mail whereas I tend to choose paperless options. It felt nice to see a pile of things in the trash! You have a nice office space and I’m sure it will be very clear soon! Sometimes it’s best to settle for better when things are too overwhelming. Breaking projects down into pieces is more manageable.

    1. EM – breaking big projects into smaller pieces is the only way to go (for me). I don’t have the time to completely “finish” whole projects at once and keeping them small is just way easier. Paperwork projects are the worst!

  5. Hello, fan from Norway here. 🙂 I know this is an old post, but THANK YOU for sharing your journey from “before” to “better”. I never seem to finish these kinds of projects all in one go, there’s almost always at least one and usually several “betters” before I finish. And if “finish” means “perfect”, I never get there. 😉 Perfectionism is SO crippling, and if I were to wait to do something until I could do it perfectly, nothing would ever get done, and I wouldn’t be able to make any improvements to my life at all.

    All the best to you!


    1. I’m glad it was helpful for you. I never get to perfection either, though it does bother me at times. I’m actually a perfectionist-type person, but I’m trying to get better at just accepting that I did my best even if it’s not “perfect”. 🙂

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