Online Income: $14,409 in April 2017

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That’s about all I can say about April’s income.

To be honest, I never add up my income throughout the month until it’s time to do this report. So, sometimes it surprises me when I see my numbers are.

Although I was on the fence about continuing my income reports a few months ago, I’m so glad I decided to continue.

Why Share My Online Income?

Every month, I share my income and expenses openly. I lay it all out there so you know how much I’m earning and spending with my business, because I want all of you to know how I truly earn an income online.

I want this site to be a resource center to help you break free financially and live a life of freedom!

Sharing my online income also helps me stay accountable and track my own progress over time too. I love seeing how this business has changed and grown since I started freelancing part-time back in July 2014. Now, I do this full-time and have been for almost 2 years! (Say what?!)

Here’s a look at my online income and expenses for last month. After that, I tell you the juicy details about how you can enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card from me to you!


VA/Blog Management Services – $10,264.30

Freelance and Ghost Writing – $3,110.00

Advertising here and on – $1,035.40

Coaching – $0.00

Bonuses, Tips, etc.– $0.00

Total– $14,409.70


While I love reading online income reports, I wish more bloggers would share their expenses. I don’t feel that a business is truly being transparent if they don’t share how much they are spending on their business each month, as well as their income. Because you can’t make money without spending money.

The expenses listed below are only what I paid out of my business account this month.

You won’t see a line for internet because that is something I would pay for even if I didn’t have an online business. (But yes, I do get to deduct most of it now that I have an online business.) So keep that in mind.

Contract Services – $3,244.74

PayPal and Other Fees – $74.45

Facebook Ads – $40.00

Board Booster – $10.00

Postage – $12.47

New Computer – $100.00

Host Gator Hosting Renewal – $143.30

Rebrand – $339.90

Total Expenses: $4,024.86

Income less Expenses: $10,384.84


Last month I told you that my rebrand was basically done. I was hoping to do most of the remaining work myself, but I did have to purchase some assistance with a few things. If I hadn’t had that expense, my spending would’ve been about the same as last month, even though my income was way higher.

I’d like to say that I put a lot of the increased income toward my financial goals. But instead, I paid my 2016 taxes, 2017 Q1 taxes, and socked some of it away into my IRA. I guess that latter is part of my financial goals, but putting that much money toward taxes totally sucked.

PayPal fees are always my least favorite expense. I absolutely hate having to give away part of my money just to get paid! I know my PayPal fees would be WAY higher if I didn’t use FreshBooks. I can’t recommend FreshBooks enough if you are a freelancer who is primarily paid by PayPal. It can help you save a TON on PayPal fees. Plus, if you use my link, you can try FreshBooks free for 30 days!

Last year I started using Board Booster to help increase my traffic from Pinterest. It has worked well, so I increased to a larger plan back in January. I also use Tailwind, but I pay for that annually, so that’s why there’s no charge shown for it each month.

Don’t for get, I don’t get to “take home” that entire $10,000. My online income has not been taxed, so I set aside a large portion of it each month for that.

If income reports get you jazzed, you can see all of my online income reports on this page!

Just to see how far I’ve come, I averaged my monthly online income for the 34 months I’ve been freelancing. Even with the smaller months at the beginning, my average monthly online income (gross) is $5,074.8. My 12 month (gross) average is $9,152.13.

How to Enter for a $20 Amazon Gift Card

You might be wondering why I decided to do a giveaway this month with my income report. Well, I decided that it was time I give back to my community.

I want to thank you for being awesome and supporting me during my journey to get my finances in order and build my business!

All you have to do to enter is put your name and email address in the form at the end of this post. That’s it! No sharing on social media. No tagging others. And no B.S.

I will draw from the new signups one week from today! If you win, you’ll get an email from me with your gift card included.

Boom! It’s as simple as that!

If you’re already on my VIP list, you got an email from me this weekend asking for your help. In exchange for answering one simple question, you are entered into a separate drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card.

There’s no need to enter your email address in the box below. If you do, it will NOT increase your chances of winning because you can only be in one drawing or the other. Nice try! 😉


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