Online Income: $12,804 in October 2017

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October was a strange month.

I was out of town for 9 days in October. So, I am excited that I was able to still earn almost $13,000 while being gone for almost 1/3 of the month.

But, while income for October is up from September, I didn’t really have time to celebrate.

I’ve had some big changes with my business in the past couple of months and I’m nervous and excited about what they’ll bring in the future.

But first, I’m going to break down my income and expenses for October. Then, I’ll share more about my business changes at the end.

Why Share My Income Details Online?

When I first started this blog, I was anonymous. This helped me feel very comfortable sharing my budgets, debt, etc. online. Since then, I turned my blog into a business and started sharing my business income and expenses too.

Along the way, I started coming out of the blogging closet more and more. These days I’m not even remotely anonymous.

Sometimes this means I get strange looks when people hear that I share my business income and expenses, and my personal budget, online.

They think it’s strange that anyone who reads my blog can easily know how much money I earn, spend, and how much debt I have. However, I really like being transparent.

Sharing the details of my finances helps me stay accountable for my financial goals. It makes me want to keep working hard to pay off debt, build savings, and grow my business. So, as long as these reports are still helpful for me and you, I’m going to continue.

Here’s a look at my income and expenses for October.


VA/Blog Management Services – $8,688.44

Freelance and Ghost Writing – $3,530.00

Freelance Business Coaching – $0.00 🙁

Advertising and Affiliate Income:

MyFinance – $45.13

FreshBooks – $59.00

Direct Advertising – $482.00

Total– $12,804.57

Learn how to make affiliate income on your blog with Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I highly recommend it!


Because I value transparency, I like to share my business expenses with you too! I think this helps create a complete picture of what it really costs to run my online business.

The expenses listed below are only what I paid out of my business account this month.

You won’t see a line for internet because that is something I would pay for even if I didn’t have an online business. (But yes, I do get to deduct most of it now that I have an online business.) So, keep that in mind.

Also not included are my quarterly taxes.

Contract Services – $2,820.20

PayPal and Other Fees – $73.28

Facebook Ads – $400.12

Supplies and Equipment – $192.82

Postage – $7.40

Board Booster – $20.66

Courses and Education – $197.00

Travel – $28.15

Meals – $83.87

Total Expenses: $3,823.50

Income less Expenses: $8,981.07


My business expenses are finally down from last month, but I think it’s a fluke. Not all of my transactions from FinCon17 have gone through yet, plus I had some changes to how I pay my contractors, which will probably make the number for November higher again.

The expense I hate paying for the most is my PayPal fees. But, I know that my PayPal fees would be way higher if I didn’t use FreshBooks for invoicing my freelance clients.

They have an agreement with PayPal to make the fees only $0.50 for transactions of any size, as long as the payment is from a US client. You can try FreshBooks for free for 30 days with my link.

I decided to increase my Board Booster plan this month to help get more traffic to my site from Pinterest.

Business Changes

Last month, I revealed that I dropped three of my smaller clients in September (effective October 1st). I was right that it didn’t have a huge impact on my income for October.

Since then, however, I have made even more changes that likely WILL have an impact on my income for November and future months. About halfway through October, I stopped working with my largest freelance client.

While I was bummed at first, I realized it was probably perfect timing. I was able to go into FinCon at the end of the month and look for some replacement work. Plus, I was really getting burned out working with this particular client, so I feel better having that off my plate even if my income drops temporarily.

I’m hoping that between the new work I found at FinCon, more work from my existing clients, and my efforts to grow my own blog and community, I’ll actually end up earning MORE in future months (with less work).

Time will tell!

If income reports get you jazzed, you can see all of my online income reports on this page!

Just to see how far I’ve come, I averaged my monthly online income for the 40 months I’ve been freelancing. Even with the part-time months at the beginning, my average monthly online income (gross) is $6,104.45. My 12 month (gross) average is $11,557.02.

Did you make any income online last month?


    • Thanks Jason! I know you did something similar a few months ago and it looks like you’re still doing great. It seems that the saying is true that once you make room for something new, opportunities will present themselves. 🙂

  • This is one of my favorite parts about your blog. It is really great to see all what goes into a full online business.

    • Thanks, Michelle. I like to be pretty transparent because not everyone realizes that this business has ups and downs. Of course, you can build it up and make a good income if you are willing to do the work. Sharing my income also helps to show others the diversity in income streams.

  • Nice article , it’s really motivating. Please can you recommend a ghost writing platform. I am badly in need of it. Thank you.

    • Hey there. I didn’t use any platforms to get any of my clients. Sorry I am of no help there.


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