Online Income: September 2014

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Making money online may seem like a dream, but it is totally possible! You can work from home and make money blogging!Gah! How is it time for my third online income report?! Time flies when you’re having fun side hustling online I guess 🙂

September was a crazy busy side hustle month, but I loved every minute of it! I started contributing to a couple more sites and have a couple other VA and writing jobs in the works now that haven’t been finalized yet. One of the newest sites I’m contributing on is Young Finances, where I’ll be writing more about fashion and lifestyle, which is a nice change from always writing about PF. 🙂

I didn’t get any guest posts done in September, but I’m hoping to reach out to a couple bigger blogs in October to help get my name out there a little more too.

On a somewhat sad note, the job I was excited to tell you about when I announced last month’s online income report didn’t end up working out. But I’m not gonna let it get me down because I’ve gotten some awesome opportunities to work with some amazing bloggers and my business just keeps growing!

My online income for September 2014: $581!

Which means, I blew my goal of $400 out of the water!! I’m setting my goal for October at $550. Yes, this is a little lower than what I made in September, but I don’t want to be unrealistic since I did have one job that didn’t work out.

As always, I don’t count my online income until the month it gets deposited into my account, so this is from some work at the end of August through about mid-September. I have made some more since then, but it will be included on my next report since it didn’t hit my account until October 1st (or later).

Remember, that my online income has not yet been taxed, which means that about 30% of what I make is going to be taken by Uncle Sam, and another (small) portion of my income will be used for expenses, like internet, computer repairs, and Paypal fees. I’m also saving some of my income to be used for FINCON15!

While I’m enjoying my online work, I’m certainly no pro at blogging or at making money online, but if I can get started you can too! If you have any questions about how to get started blogging, freelancing, or about my online income don’t hesitate to contact me! I promise that I will do my best to answer your questions and if I can’t I will point you to someone who can!

Here are my other online income reports to-date:

August 2014 – $280

July 2014 – $285

Have you ever made money online?

Making money online may seem like a dream, but it is totally possible! You can work from home and make money blogging!


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