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Paleo Challenge

August 29, 2014

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If you are looking to get healthy while on a budget, the paleo challenge may be right for you!When the summer first started, my capris were so loose that I had to pull them up constantly (but they don’t have belt-loops so what’s a girl to do?). Which I was excited about, but I didn’t want to rush out and buy new ones because I’m still on a strict budget to try to dig my way out of my mountain of debt.

Now, I’m so glad I didn’t buy capris a size smaller! My dress capris are getting somewhat snug, not to the busting open point like they were at this time last summer. But they are certainly tighter than they were in May when I first dug them out of the closet. And my denim capris have been held shut by a ponytail holder the last couple times I wore them. (Don’t judge!)

The worst part about this depressing situation is that my dress pants are smaller than my dress capris. 🙁

I know I’ll have to get my pants back out here soon and I don’t want to be faced with a horrible situation: go pants-less or buy new (bigger) pants.

What to Do?

I wouldn’t have this problem at all, but I had so much success on Paleo last fall that I had to buy smaller dress pants last year, plus mine were about 4 years old and getting very worn looking.

Okay-okay, if I’m being honest, I could have also avoided this situation by not stuffing my face full of delicious (aka fattening) foods all spring and summer. I’ve also had a hard time getting all my workouts in the last couple weeks since I’ve been out-of-town at least 5 out of the last 12 workdays.

Luckily for my pants situation, my Crossfit box just announced a Paleo challenge taking place during the month of September. (If you don’t know what Paleo is, google it! You’ll find about 1,000,000 results. And yes, there are a lot of discrepancies about truly is Paleo and what isn’t.)

Talk about perfect timing! This time it’s a partner Paleo challenge and I’ll be working with a girl I went to HS with. My parents are also doing the challenge, so that should also help me stay accountable. But, my brother isn’t. (He’s lame.)

How will this challenge affect my food budget?

I don’t know yet. I’m hoping I don’t have to go too far over my budgeted grocery amount for the month, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Eating Paleo basically requires eating nothing but meat, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Nothing with preservatives, sugar or fake sugar, and nothing processed. These types of foods do tend to be a bit more expensive, plus in order to get enough protein and energy, my meat consumption will be increasing, and we all know meat is the most expensive part of the meal.

Fortunately, because my brother isn’t participating, I can still feed my non-Paleo food from my pantry and freezer to him for lunch, which should cut down on the increased costs of eating raw/whole foods during the challenge at least a little bit.

The upside of this challenge is that even if I go over my food budget a little, at least I won’t have to buy new (bigger) pants! I’d call that a win!

Have you ever done a Paleo challenge or tried out the Paleo lifestyle?

If you are looking to get healthy while on a budget, the paleo challenge may be right for you!

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18 responses to “Paleo Challenge

    1. Thanks Kassandra! I did one last year it was very successful for me. I lost about 15ish lbs, gained muscle %, increased my energy, etc. Hoping for good results this time too!

  1. I hate it when the pants get tight! Major pet peeve! I’m glad you’re taking up a challenge to lose weight, rather than buy a new pair (or two) of pants. Being healthy is a big priority for me so I am okay if my grocery bill is a bit higher, but I know you have a super tight budget. Farmer markets can have some great prices on fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes if you go towards the end of the day, they will lower their prices or be more open to bartering too. Good luck!

    1. I love farmer’s markets, but unfortunately, in my VERY rural area there aren’t any 🙁 I do try really hard to stick to using only the fruits and veggies that are on sale each week at the grocery store though!

    1. That’s awesome! I definitely feel better when I’m eating clean, but it can be hard to maintain.

  2. I read a post on Money Propeller about Paleo and you are supposed to feel so much better. Good luck with your challenge, hopefully it is something that you can continue modestly because yo-yo dieting is the worst!

    1. I usually don’t have a problem with giving in to cravings during a challenge, I’m very competitive!

  3. Good for you! I had to buy bigger pants a few years ago and, now that I’ve lost the weight, I’m bound and determined not to let it happen again! Mr. FW and I did Paleo a few years ago and we liked it. In the end, we found the meat and nuts to be too expensive. So, now we do our own little made-up version of Paleo without the meat. We do non-meat/non-dairy proteins like quinoa, lentils, and beans with tons of veggies and fruit. We do occasionally buy fish–usually salmon. Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. Luckily, I don’t have to pay for much of my own meat (see my post about how I keep grocery costs down for more details). Otherwise, I’m not sure I could do Paleo either.

  4. Ugg…I have the same problem. I’ve been way too lax this summer on the diet and exercise. I’m not sure how well I would do on a strict diet like Paleo. Keep us posted on your progress!

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