Raise Your Rates


If you're still charging hourly for your freelance services, it's time to stop.

The only way to get ahead and earn more money is to charge what you're worth!

Learn how to price your services into monthly packages and raise your freelance rates with my easy-to-follow instructions and script.

Raising my rates has helped me earn 5 figures per month consistently for the last 12 months!

“After four years of the same pay rate, Kayla's email and template were just the kick in the butt I needed to say "enough is enough!" I was granted a 20% raise today by using Kayla's "Raise Your Rates" template and asking!

Laura P.

Find out how to raise your rates and when you should do it.

This fool-proof script has helped me raise my rates dozens of times.

And, I've never been told NO!

It's Time to Raise Your Rates!

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