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Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

3 Ways to Cheaply Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

June 26, 2017

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Do you get the “itch” to go shopping every summer and refresh your summer wardrobe? Inevitably, I get bit by the shopping bug every summer.

As much as I try to limit my shopping now, I know I’m never going to try another shopping ban. These types of all-or-nothing situations are not good for me.

Whenever I try to deny myself of something completely, I end up in a binge and then I’m right back where I started again.

This has been proven by my two attempts at shopping bans, and whenever I try to cut out certain foods in my diet. I’m just not an all-or-nothing person.

Instead, I’ve found that it’s best if I allow myself to have the “bad” things in moderation.

That said, I’ve been having intense shopping cravings lately. I know it’s because I’ve done very little shopping this year. In fact, the only things I’ve bought are two pairs of pants since I lost weight, one pair of running shoes, and one workout tank.

My Shopping List:

While I don’t plan to add anything else to my wardrobe this summer, I know that the summer shopping itch is real!

If you want to cheaply refresh your summer wardrobe, here are some tips to help!

1. Define Your Style

I used to think that the best wardrobe was one that had every color under the rainbow, and many different shapes and styles, too. Now I know that creating a wardrobe that has it all means it’s going to be HUGE.

When I had a wardrobe like this, I found myself always gravitating toward a few colors and one or two styles most of the time anyway.

Working from home has actually helped me define myself. I know what basic colors I like to wear and what types of clothes I like. (Comfy but not frumpy).

This means I was able to get rid of and avoid buying all the other colors and styles of clothing. Of course, I still have to have a bit of variety in my wardrobe for special events (like my recent media appearance!). But, I was able to drastically limit these types of clothes and stick to the basics for these special events.

2. Shop for High Quality Used Clothing

My latest polka dot box from ThredUp!
My latest polka dot box from ThredUp!

One of my new favorite tips for refreshing your summer wardrobe is shopping for high quality, but lightly used clothing. I do this mainly with ThredUp.

In the past, I’ve gotten a few items to help me refresh my summer wardrobe from ThredUp.

ThredUp is awesome because all of their stuff is guaranteed to be in good condition, unlike when you buy on Ebay, Craigslist, or some other secondhand website.

ThredUp also offers free returns for store credit, which I take advantage of if something doesn’t fit quite right on my body or mix and match with my wardrobe afterall.

The reason I say to buy high quality is because it’ll last longer and end up costing you less than stocking up on 100 shirts from Target. If you shop used from ThredUp, you can get a good deal on those high quality clothes.

3. Mix and Match

Giving your summer wardrobe a refresh doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money.Another great way to refresh your summer wardrobe is to come up with new ways to mix and match your clothes. Whenever you think about buying something, make sure you can easily think of at least 4 or 5 different outfits.

I use this test to make sure anything I buy gets to stay in my closet. Recently, I decided to get rid of a whole bunch of clothes that didn’t pass this test. I sent them in to ThredUp and got store credit to use next time I need something to refresh my wardrobe.

This rule helps me make sure I don’t end up with a bunch of one hit wonders that can only be worn one way. Outfits like that get old in a hurry!

Giving your summer wardrobe a refresh doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Even adding or replacing one or two items in your wardrobe can help you create a bunch of new outfits.

You might even fall in love with your old standbys again! Plus, when you use my link for ThredUp, you can save $10 off your first order of $10 or more and I’ll get $10 to use too!

How do you refresh your summer wardrobe?

Looking to spruce up your summer wardrobe? Here are some tips to refresh your summer wardrobe!

Giving your summer wardrobe a refresh doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money.

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4 responses to “3 Ways to Cheaply Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

  1. These are good ideas! I am just like you- if I deny myself something, it makes me go crazy. Every time I go on a spending freeze, I end up buying too much. I like thred up, I need to send some items in and shop there.

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