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20 Crazy Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

March 14, 2019

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A few years ago when I started this blog, I was in debt up to my eyeballs. I knew I had to get it paid off, so I started looking for ways to save money every month.

Saving money is something you can do that takes place immediately, which means it’s usually a better place to start than trying to earn more money.

Most side hustles take a few days or a few weeks to pay out. But if you cut your expenses and find ways to save money every month, you will see immediate results in your bank account.

How to Save Money Every Month

Not sure where to start with cutting your expenses? That’s ok!

Here are 20 ideas of how to save money every month to help you get started. Some of these are things I personally did when I first started budgeting and trying to live more frugally, so I know they work!

1. Cut the Cord

One of the easiest ways to save money every month is to stop paying for cable.

I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out!

If you are busy enough that you rarely turn on the television, don’t wait any longer to cut the cord. I did it a few years ago and I wish I had never signed up in the first place!

You can still watch most of your favorite shows with things like Netflix or Hulu. Even if you pay for both of these services (I do!), you’ll still be able to save money every month by not having cable.

2. Change Cell Providers

Cell phones and associated plans have gotten ridiculously expensive in the last few years. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay ridiculous prices.

Try switching to an alternative to the big name companies. Republic Wireless offers plans with data starting at just $20/month. Another option to consider is a pay-as-you-go plan, like Straight Talk.

3. Change Banks

Lots of people choose to bank online these days for a variety of reasons. It may be more convenient for a busy lifestyle, or you may be able to find accounts that better fit your needs.

But, the biggest benefits I see with online banks are lower fees and higher interest rates, which helps you earn more on your bank balance. Try banking with Synchrony. Their high yield savings account has a rate of 2.05%! Plus, there’s no minimum balance or monthly service fee.

4. Buy Used Clothes

Buying good quality used clothes instead of brand new clothes is an easy way to save money every month if you purchase clothing that often like I do! 😉

Try using thredUP to buy designer and brand name clothes for less. You can also send your used clothes in to thredUP to get store credit for future purchases.

5. Dry Clean and Press Your Own Clothes

If you take your clothes out to be dry-cleaned and pressed, stop! You can do it at home and save a ton of money every month!

Check out Dryel. All you need is a clothes dryer and Dryel to dry clean your clothes at home for less.

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit - 6 Loads Price: Clean your clothes like a pro, but for less money! Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit - 6 Loads

Once you finish that process, get out your ironing board and press them yourself to save even more. At $4 or more per item for pressing, the savings adds up pretty quickly.

6. Stop Drinking Pop

A great way to help your monthly budget is to stop drinking pop every day. You may not think so, but these treats eat away at your budget and contribute to weight gain.

Instead, indulge only occasionally and keep this money for other things.

7. Eliminate Bad Habits

Eliminate bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol and you save a lot of money. The amount you save can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, but it’s another way to save money every single month.

8. Reduce Restaurant Trips

How often do you eat out? If you’re like most people, you may not even realize how often you go out to eat. Keep track of your restaurant trips for a few weeks to see how much you’re really spending.

Even if you opt for cheap fast food, it can add up quickly!

By eating at home, not only will you reduce your spending on the food itself, but you will also save by not having to tip the waitstaff. (This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip will whenever you do eat out!)

9. Plan Meals

In order to make eating at home easier, start planning your meals. Meal planning will help you avoid eating out, but it can save you money in other ways too.

Unfortunately, part of every families meal budget ends up literally going to waste. When you don’t plan your meals some of it ends up getting thrown out.

To prevent that from happening, and also save time, use $5 Meal Plan. You get recipes, shopping lists and more to help you avoid wasted time and money.

10. Use a Food Delivery Service

While not the most budget-friendly option, using a meal delivery service is still cheaper than eating out all the time.

A service like Blue Apron can at least help by saving time in your schedule if nothing else. Plus, if you use my link, you can give it a try and get $40 off your first two weeks of Blue Apron!

11. Stop Paying for the Gym

Try eliminating your gym membership and working out on your own to save money in your budget every month.

Even if you buy a few inexpensive items to workout at home, you’ll still save money in the long-run!

Here are few home workout essentials that I use:

You can save even more money by trying to buy this equipment used at garage sales, or online.

I also use a free app on my phone to time my workouts, and sometimes I switch it up with free YouTube workout videos. Body weight exercises are also good to incorporate because they don’t require any equipment.

12. Cut Back Salon Visits

You can cut back on salon visits and only go when you need a haircut. Finding ways to DIY more of your beauty routine will help you save money every month.

13. Buy and Sell Gift Cards

Nearly everyone has received gift cards they knew they’d never use at one time or another. Instead of leaving them lying around unused, trade them in for cash on Gift Card Granny.

You can also use Gift Card Granny to buy discounted gift cards to places you visit often.

14. Lower Water Consumption

You can lower your monthly water consumption each and every month by being more frugal each time you turn the knob.

Some ideas include:

  • Lathering in the shower with the water off.
  • Turning off the water when you brush your teeth.
  • Buying low-flow showerheads.
  • Buying a shower timer to stop certain family members (ahem!) from spending too much time in the shower everyday.

The Shower Saver (Water Resistant Shower Timer with Automatic Start Stop and Virtual Water Level) Price: Yes, this is a thing to help with water-wasting teens. The Shower Saver (Water Resistant Shower Timer with Automatic Start Stop and Virtual Water Level)

There are lots of other ways you can save on water too. Every little bit you save lowers both your energy and water bills and puts more money back in your pocket.

15. Change Your Thermostat

Lower your thermostat a few degrees in winter and turn it up a few degrees in summer to lower your heating and cooling costs. Even a few degrees difference can lower bills enough to make quite a difference in your budget.

If you are constantly forgetting to change your thermostat when you leave the house, get a programmable thermostat. The energy bill savings will pay for this purchase in no time!

Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Price: Baby, it's cold outside. (But not in here!) Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat

16. Replace Taxis with Uber

Commuting back and forth using a taxi can get quite expensive if you have to do it often. Try using an alternative method, such as Uber, to get you from place to place just as fast but with less expense.

17. Get Cash Back

Another way to save money every month is to sign up with a company that gives you cash back on purchases.

One of my favorites is Rakuten. It’s easy to use, especially if you shop online most of the time. I use the Chrome browser extension and it automatically alerts me when I’m shopping on a website that will give me cash back.

18. Charge it (But Pay it Off Every Month)

Another way to save money is to use rewards credit cards for your shopping.

But, you do need to be careful! If you don’t pay off the bill every month, you won’t be saving any money.

My favorite card is the Target REDcard. That way when I give in to my Target shopping addition, at least I’ll be saving money!

19. Become a Negotiator

Calling companies to negotiate lower rates on your monthly bills will cost you time, but not money. You might also be able to get lower interest rates on your debt to help you save money on interest charges too.

If you’re not comfortable negotiating, try using Trim instead.

They’ll do the negotiations for you on your subscriptions, monthly bills, and can even get you refunded for price drops on Amazon purchases. Plus, Trim is free to use!

The only thing it will cost you is a small percentage of the savings they find on your behalf. So, if Trim doesn’t find you any savings, you won’t be out anything for trying it!

20. Save on Accommodations

If you have to travel on a regular basis, you can cut costs by forgoing pricey hotels. Instead, try renting through Airbnb to save a bundle. You’ll get a more authentic experience on your trips too!

If you’ve never tried Airbnb before, you can get $40 off your next trip of $75 (or more) when you use my link.


If the gap between your income and expenses seems too big to bridge, try these easy ways to save money every month. They can make more of a difference to your budget than you might think.

Have you tried any of these? How much money did you save every month?


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12 responses to “20 Crazy Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

  1. I’ve done almost all of these! It’s crazy how much money we’ve saved just by cutting out eating out and drinking more water lol. It’s the little things that add up!

  2. Gah I have a threadUP bag I still need to send in. It’s crazy easy–has just been way down my priority list lately. Will have to get it done!

    I need to start meal planning, toi. This post is good motivation for me to get moving on the things I’ve been talking about doing for too long haha.

  3. I’ve quite drinking pop several times, and within the past week quit drinking pop once again. Haven’t seen the results in my wallet or waist yet, but my weight was on an upward trend and I had to keep that in check – especially with Thanksgiving later this week!

    1. I totally hear you! I lost quite a bit of weight earlier this year, but I’m at a stand-still now. I just don’t want to gain any over the holidays at this point.

  4. Yes! Great inspiration! I have stopped dry cleaning my clothes, except for stubborn stains and suit jackets, because I hand wash everything in decadent laundry soap.

    I’ll have to remember to check out ebates before I deal shop this week.

    1. I included that one because it is easy to save money by dry cleaning your own stuff. However, not everyone realizes how much they spend on it every month. In addition, there are so many other ways you can cut costs and save money in your budget.

    1. That’s great! Many people don’t realize just how much it can add up when they make small changes in their routines and spending. Keep up the saving!

  5. Also prepay accounts that are cheap like Netflix or a prepaid cell service. This will give you some wiggle room to start pulling a little away each month to afford that service even more.

    1. That’s a good idea too, Jason. If you prepay for what you can then you know what you are paying since it is a set amount. That can really help when you are budgeting.

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