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Why You’re Having a Hard Time Simplifying Your Life

August 16, 2016

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Check this out! It really helped me simplify my life. Maybe you can simplify your life too!Today I have a guest post for you from Lorin. Lorin is a fairly new blogger who is sharing her real life stories about perseverance, character, and hope. Enjoy!

You desire to live a life where you can wake up in the morning without worrying what is to come.

You desire to have simplicity, yet wonder why you are always left with high demands feeling as if you’re being weighed down.

You keep trying to lighten up yet things just seem to never work out the way you planned.

I’ve got news for you. I have lived out this same struggle day in and day out unsure of where I’m going wrong and how I can fix it.

The truth is, life doesn’t have to be complicated. We make choices that don’t allow us to have the simplicity we are always chasing after.

I desire for you to experience simplicity. So, I want to share with you everything that’s bound to get in the way of living the simple life you’ve only dreamed of having.

Always Worrying About Tomorrow

You are not alone. I am so guilty of always having my head in the clouds worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

In human nature we want complete control of our life and want to have it all mapped out with not buts or what ifs. It is a fear of the unknown. I can tell you that anxiety is going to complicate things much more than doing any good.

Live for today. How are you possibly going to plan for tomorrow when you haven’t even faced what today has in store? It’s scary to think but tomorrow isn’t even promised so for today stop and smell the flowers, laugh a bit more, and enjoy your day for today.

Comparing Yourself With Others

Everyone is in a different time in their life. The people you are constantly comparing yourself to have had to go through their own challenges to get to where they are today. Each individual has a unique style and the world would be quite boring if everybody was the same.

Start today by giving thanks on who you were created to be and the greatness you bring to the table. Even when it’s not obvious, you have the ability to make an impact in someone else’s life that maybe only you can do.

You’re an Idealist

This is probably one of my number one mindsets that has gotten me in a lot of trouble. Trying to go to dinner with me would drive you nuts. Going to the store with me would send you running away. I would say it’s a mixture of being a perfectionist and indecisive. I always want to be 100% sure that the meal I order is going to be perfect and the clothes I buy won’t have any flaws.

I’ve got news for you (and myself). Life is full of choices and not everything comes with a guarantee. Trust me, it’s hard to even write these words but it’s the truth.

“Perfection is a process not a completion”.

You Want Instant Gratification

You may think you’re the only one who exists in this world. Oh no, you had to wait in line for 5 minutes to get your order.

News flash: It’s not the end of the world.

I’ll go back to the story about getting a quick oil change on my lunch break. The techs never had a problem servicing my vehicle as soon as I pulled up. Until one day, I went in for my routine lunch break oil change and was told I would have to wait.

“Have to wait, what is that?”, I asked myself. This was the day I realized what delayed gratification was and how it could help me reach my full potential.

Through delayed gratification you are sure to learn patience and humility, as well as the opportunity to rid yourself of impulsiveness and frustration.

You’re Never Satisfied

Do you always find yourself coming back for more yet never being content? I am sure you are already starting to realize this but that’s no way to live. Again, I am so guilty of this and I want to affirm that there is hope.

It goes back to enjoying today because tomorrow has it’s own worries. I see homeless people on the side of the road and can’t help but notice the moment they receive something as simple as a granola bar, their face lights up. It’s in moments like these that I have not only one but many things to be grateful for.

It’s as simple as that.

You Can Only Change Yourself

It’s already hard enough trying to work out my own mess let alone trying to change others along the way. Now I’m not talking about helping others when they ask but rather trying to shape someone into what you want them to be. If you have your own mess to clean than why start pointing fingers at someone else.

Instead, allowing your life to simply be an example to someone else could make the biggest change of all.

Whether you’re the idealist or the anxious one, these things pretty much sum up why you’re having a hard time simplifying your life. Be encouraged! There is hope that once you begin to let go of these strongholds you’ll not only begin to live a simpler life but will begin to experience true joy along the way.

What’s been holding you back from simplifying your life?

Lorin is a woman of faith who desires to influence others by sharing life’s experiences of perseverance, character, and hope on her blog, My Story Defined. You can also find her on Pinterest and Twitter.

Check this out! It really helped me with simplifying my life. Maybe you can simplify your life too!


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10 responses to “Why You’re Having a Hard Time Simplifying Your Life

  1. Great post. I am definitely always thinking about tomorrow. I try to lean more toward planning for tomorrow than worrying about tomorrow, but it’s a hard line to walk. I try being mindful, deliberate, and conscientious with my thoughts. I aim to have a good, solid plan, but be okay with things changing along the way, too.

  2. I can relate to some of this. I am coming to realize that I might be too content of a person (if that’s a thing). I do not like change or conflict so for instance, I can stay at my job which I hate going to because it is safe. I’m not a perfectionist but I am indecisive. So what do I do? I avoid making decisions and put stuff off until I have no choice but to make a decision. These are a couple of big things that I want to work on with myself…but not exactly sure how. At least I am aware of it now.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I understand what you are dealing with as I tend to think the same way. I put things off until I have no other option but to make a decision. My friend once told me that I am actually making a decision when I decide not to decide. It really is true.

      That’s great you are aware of these things and wanting to make some changes. It seems to me you’re taking some necessary steps.

  3. Nice post Lorin. It’s hard for starters not to mind what tomorrow come, but I think it becomes easy when we are simply focusing on having a simple life and when we have plans and live in the moment.

  4. True! This is what advice I need Lorin. Simplifying our life makes it easier for us to live with contentment and to reach our financial goals more easily.

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