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Have you ever said to yourself...

"I need a Kayla!"

I get that a lot.

My name is Kayla Sloan and I run KaylaSloan.com as well as 10KVA, where I teach people how to make as much as $10,000 a month as a virtual assistant.

More than that, I’m a virtual assistant myself.

I’ve helped dozens of online business owners get more done by offloading some of the tasks that take them away from doing the things they do best.

And since I don’t have enough hours in the day, I can’t work with everyone who needs a Kayla.

But I can help.

We only work with a small number of entrepreneurs at a time, and we want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. So if this intrigues you, fill out the application today.

Six Figure Systems Client Interview: Deacon


Are you struggling with burnout?

You’ve seen the stories. Watched the webinars. But somehow, even though you’ve grown your income to a degree far beyond what you ever thought you could make online, you’re not exactly “living the entrepreneurial dream” (unless that dream runs on caffeine and late-night pizza).

You didn’t get into this to burn the candle at both ends.

You got into this to help people. You’re making a difference — a real difference — in the lives of the people in your community. You even have the emails to prove it.

Back when you started, you knew that keeping up an online publishing empire would take a lot of work, but you had no idea the scope.

Six FIgure Systems - Kayla Sloan

I believe that's a good thing.

If more people knew that starting a blog or a podcast was in fact starting a business, I don’t think we’d have as many talented people in this space.

So I’m really glad you’re here.

And the burnout problem?

It’ll turn out to be an opportunity for you to grow. Stick with me.

What if you could work less and accomplish more?

What if you never had to work on projects that drained your energy and took you away from the things that you’re best at doing?

And what if I told you that, after a 12-week period, you’d have all the tools you needed to continue hiring a team?



The 12-week intensive to figuring out the who, what, and how of hiring and working with your perfect virtual assistant.

This exclusive system will help you figure out what should be taken off your plate, the specific person (or combination of people) who will take things off your plate, and the exact processes on how to transition from one-person shop to CEO, owner, manager, and visionary.

Six Figure Systems Client Interview: Monica

Deacon Hayes

Amazing to work with!

“Kayla has been amazing to work with. She has helped me organize so many things, which has allowed me to focus on what I am good at. Because of this, my revenue of my business has increased exponentially and Kayla has been a huge help in making that possible.”

Deacon Hayes
Well-Kept Wallet

You start overwhelmed and end with a beautiful system complete with contract employees who seem like they can read your mind.

Six FIgure Systems - Group Photo

Here's how working with us will go:

We start with an audit into your existing systems. What's working? Where's your money coming from?

Then, working together, we’ll write job descriptions for the tasks you need to outsource.

I’ll find you 3-5 candidates who have passed the 10KVA certification course (which NOT everyone passes, so you know the level of quality you’re getting!).

After we’ve discussed the merits of each candidate, you’ll interview and select one for each role.

Then, I’ll act as your account manager, making sure the relationship is working out and smoothing the inevitable wrinkles that arise in the first few weeks of any employment arrangement.

You’ll have one-on-one access with me for 12 weeks, where we’ll get into the finer points of managing virtual assistants.

Once the 12-week period has passed, you’ll be amazed at how much more time you’ll get back. Time for family, time for exercise, time to work on the things you’ve been putting off.

Kathlyn Hart

Thank you, Kayla!

Working with my VA that I was connected with through Kayla has been so wonderful! Immediately it helped me to feel more organized and able to think more strategically about my business. She has gone above and beyond to help me with my business. I am so grateful to Kayla for creating this program and training such wonderful VAs. I have literally been telling every business owner I know that they need to reach out to Kayla and learn about how they too can gain the amazing benefits of having a VA. Thank you Kayla!

Kathlyn Hart

We only work with a small number of entrepreneurs at a time, and we want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. So if this intrigues you, fill out the application today.

My Story

I’m Kayla Sloan, and I’m the go-to virtual assistant for the online personal finance community.

I get how hard running your own business can be, especially when it starts out as a hobby that earns a little money here and there. I’ve been blogging since 2013, and at first, I didn’t think my blog would turn out to be anything more than a fun, albeit public, way to document my get-out-of-debt process. It immediately became apparent that running a blog was a business, and I was uniquely qualified to help other entrepreneurs.

See, I’m a big fan of systems. Creating a system — simply a series of repeatable tasks — gets you to move past the “hustle and grind” ethos of entrepreneurship and into the land of “sure, I can meet you at 3PM,” any given day.

Six-Figure Systems takes the end result — the kind of business you WANT — and reverse engineers that business, finding the gaps that exist.

And yes, I was the first beta tester of Six-Figure Systems — how else could I have helped more than 39 six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs without working myself into the ground?

Six FIgure Systems - Kayla Sloan My Story

Not everyone is the right fit for Six-Figure Systems...

The people who have seen the most success in our program have the following in common:

They’re bloggers or podcasters turned business owners.

They’re making a full-time income on the internet. If your online business is something you work on during nights and weekends only, your first step is to scale your income to the point where you can do this full time. Then come talk to me.

They’re used to doing everything themselves.

But they’re acutely aware of that old cliché “the jack of all trades is the master of none” and they’re starting to feel stretched to the point of almost breaking.

They can afford to hire someone to help them.

This is often as much of a mental exercise as it is a matter of cash on hand, but when you’re used to doing everything yourself, you’re used to working on ridiculous profit margins. Take a look at your statements and see if you have space in your budget to bring on new team members.

They’ve never worked in middle management before.

They’re the kind of people who made the leap to entrepreneurship from an entry-level position, meaning they don’t have much experience managing people. In fact, much of their corporate or office experience is as the person being managed, and that experience is not typically a positive one.

They know they need help, but they don’t even know what they would delegate.

This is my favorite type of problem to solve because it makes me look like a magician! My superpower is analyzing your existing systems and finding — and filling — the gaps.

They’re looking for a way to achieve work/life balance.

They’ve heard about it, they know it exists, and they’re ready for some balance themselves.

Six Figure Systems Client Interview: LaTisha





2 weeks to find the right people to help your business (based on the results of your audit)

12 one-hour calls (one a week for 12 weeks) focusing on employee relations and a management theme-of-the-week to increase the chances of success

Access to my hand-picked network of 10KVA certified virtual assistants

A hands-on account manager (me!) dedicated to your success

On-demand availability for troubleshooting, and replacement of your virtual assistant if there’s a mismatch

Accountability so you can make sure you’re actually delegating what you should

Personalized Matchmaking

Think of it as personalized matchmaking.

I know that the right virtual assistant — or assistants — can make your business run more smoothly. It has for me, and it has for the dozens of other entrepreneurs I’ve helped.

You can keep doing what you're doing.

Doing the work of three people. Never giving yourself time off. Burning the candle at both ends. But how long can you keep this up? How long will it be before you never want to see your blog or podcast again? Are you going to keep working like this for the next one, three, five years?

You Keep Doing What Youre Doing

Bottom line: if you don’t take the time to treat your online business like the business that it is, it will die on the vine. And you’ve worked too hard for too long to see it go that way.

Chris Peach

Time instantly reappeared

As small-business owners, we often try to be the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician inside our own business, and we quickly become overwhelmed, exhausted, and no longer in love with our once great idea. After working with Kayla, the time I needed to work on my business instead of inside my business instantly reappeared.

Chris Peach
Money Peach

We only work with a small number of entrepreneurs at a time, and we want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. So if this intrigues you, fill out the application today.

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