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Trying Out Full Time Freelancing

December 10, 2014

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Full-time freelancing seems like a lot of work, but it looks like it's worth it!Last week I had the opportunity to test out what it would be like if I were a full-time freelancer, and it was awesome! (Update: I am now a full-time freelancer and business owner. You can read how I built my business by downloading my new e-book here!)

My current full-time employer requires us to take an entire work week worth of days off consecutively at some point every year. Last week was the week I was off.

Most days I spent about 4-6 hours working on my freelancing, and the rest of the time I was free to work on and catch up on other things in my life, like some Christmas crafts I needed to finish up for gifts and, of course, watching some Netflix too! 🙂

Of course, I know that if I were to quit my full-time job, I’d have to put in at least a few more hours of work than I did last week in order to earn what I’m currently earning at my full-time job. But even so, last week was a great short-snippet/preview of what like as a self-employed freelancer would be like.

I was able to set my own schedule, working during the hours I am most awake and productive rather than a mandatory 8-5 like what my full-time job requires. This meant starting my freelancing at about 9-10:00 a.m. and working until about 3-4:00 p.m. most days. I did work some in the evening once and it wasn’t too bad either. I definitely prefer working at my best times instead of being forced to be up and functioning earlier in the morning. I am so NOT a morning person!

I also discovered that I need to have more of a designated work place to focus on my freelancing. Up to this point, I’ve done a lot of my blogging and freelancing while sitting on my coach or in my bed with the TV or music on. Now I can see that having a desk at home to work from would help, especially with some of the tasks that require more focus and attention. I do like to have some background noise while I’m working, but I can easily play music on my computer or the radio to fulfill that requirement at any location.

Because of this discovery, I did put some time into cleaning up my home office and making it more usable. I’ve also discovered that the antique desk I purchased a year (or s0) ago is not very functional for me. It’s too short and I can hardly sit at it comfortably. Therefore, I’ve listed it for sale and I am in the process of finding a new desk for my home office that will function better (and hopefully not cost too much!). I’ll keep you up to date on how that turns out. As far as my office decluttering, I’ll be posting about that soon! 🙂

Overall, I loved my week off from my full-time job and I was NOT looking forward to going back this Monday. In fact, I was dreading it! I am now even more sure that I want to quit my current full-time job as soon as I am able (financially). It’s a good thing I’ve already started to reduce my dependence on the income from them by quitting my cleaning gig.

Do you think moving toward self-employment is a smart move? Are you passionate about your current job?

Full-time freelancing seems like a lot of work, but it looks like it's worth it!

Shares 3

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17 responses to “Trying Out Full Time Freelancing

  1. The self – chosen hours would be a nice change from the regular 8-5 gig. Working from home seems like a dream, but I don’t think I could do it unless I was guaranteed some consistency.

    1. I know what you mean, but at some point I think I’m going to take the plunge since I’m not enjoying my FT job much these days…

    1. It was nice to know that while I was on paid leave from my FT job for a week, I was also making some money online. Woot woot for getting double paid! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the week! My desk is my home base. If I work from anywhere else I’m usually not as focused. For some tasks, that’s okay, but for writing, I need to be at a desk! I haven’t been too comfortable lately, though, so I hear you on finding a suitable desk. Hope you find one!

    1. Thanks Erin! I will probably have to find a chair to go with the desk too. I like the office chair I have, but it’s quite large so it may not fit my desk. We’ll just have to see how that all turns out 🙂

  3. Wow, it’s really cool your current employer makes you guys take off! Unless you don’t get paid for that week, then that’s not as cool… working from home is so awesome, especially when you’re doing it for yourself! Good luck getting a new desk – I’ve had luck at IKEA and Living Spaces, for what it’s worth! 🙂

    1. We do get to take the week as paid leave, but the poopy part is we only earn about 8 days of PTO each year and we have to use 5 all at once…

  4. I work my corporate job from home and definitely enjoy it. The latest perk has been returning to work part time after maternity leave while still getting to keep Mini Maroon 2 at home (big brother is too busy for me to get any work done). But I have to agree on the dedicated work space. It is a must!! I’d be tickled to leave my corporate job to work for myself. However, I get a little antsy about steady income… maybe one day!

    1. Steady income is one of the concerns I have about switching to self-employed. That and benefits are the biggest things holding me back from going for it right now!

  5. I definitely have to have a desk to work at for anything important. I’ve never been able to work elsewhere. I don’t think I could ever be self employed. I like the security of working for a company too much… But maybe one day!

    1. I know what you mean. I do like the security of having a steady paycheck and benefits, but I’m ready to try something new.

    1. That’s why I’m trying to clean up my office and get a designated work area. I think I’ll be so much more productive if I have a working space.

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