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VA Success Story: How Amber Is Going From Employee to Entrepreneur

January 3, 2019

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Starting a virtual assistant business can offer so many benefits, both professionally and personally.

Talking with Amber reminded me how much of an impact starting your own online, flexible virtual assistant business can have on your life, which is I started offering Virtual Assistant Coaching and my course, $10K VA, to help VAs create businesses they love.

Here’s my interview with Amber.

Hi, Amber! To start off, tell us a bit about you.

Hello, I am Amber Duffield! I was born and raised in California but recently moved across the country to North Carolina and started a part-time, at-home position as a Travel Support Specialist.

Working from home in this capacity allows me to really utilize my time efficiently to focus on my VA business. I am an eCommerce Virtual Assistant, as well as offering some Bookkeeping and Data services.

I am currently single, enjoying the beach life, and my bunny Gustav Phineas III. You can call him Gus!

Why did you want to be a VA?

About 12 years ago I was working for a wonderful woman who was a VA. I loved learning from and working with her. Not only did the autonomy draw me, but the ability to really help clients succeed.

I loved the fact that I can choose who I want to work with, and for causes I believe in.

Have you had any struggles with starting your business?

So many! I think the biggest struggle for me so far, was just knowing where to begin. That is why $10K VA was such a blessing.

The course basically laid out the steps for me, with room to adjust for my style. The course helped me stay on track and overcome the big issues that come in the beginning, like what services to offer, where to find clients, and how to keep going.

How did $10K VA help you and your business or side hustle?

$10K VA was like a toolbox to me. To be successful at anything, I believe people need a ‘toolbox’. Whether it is actual tools, programs, documents, or certifications, we all need them.

As a VA, you need a plethora of diverse tools. $10K VA provided me with a lot of those tools and taught me how to become proficient at wielding them.

What lessons have you learned and how did you use them to your advantage?

I really found the lessons on where to look for VA jobs, and where not to, highly valuable. As well as just reaching out to contacts I already have, and asking for referrals.

Those simple but effective suggestions have been integral in growing my business.

What was the biggest thing you learned that you want to share with others?

The formula to calculate an accurate hourly rate. Many VAs have a hard time choosing a rate when starting out. There are so many factors to take into consideration and I love how Kayla laid them out and very straightforwardly created a formula that everyone can use.

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Would you recommend $10K VA to others who are just getting started?

Yes! I have been sharing this amazing adventure with others and encouraging them to give it a try. Whether a new VA or a seasoned vet, I feel that Kayla has unique and effective assistance that any VA would benefit from.

I am so happy that I found this course, and Kayla, early on in starting my business. It prevented me from making some very common mistakes. I now feel more confident and prepared in moving forward and being successful.

What are your goals for your business?

Right now my business is a part-time position for me. My vision is to continue to sharpen and expand my skills, extend my client base, and hopefully move this into my full-time career.

How will being a VA help you with your future life vision?

My goal is to ultimately move my VA business to my only career. This will not only help me reach my professional goals but also personal ones.

I spend any free time I have in volunteer ministry work. I have traveled to several other countries to volunteer and they have been life-changing experiences.

I love traveling, learning about other cultures, and helping people. Growing my VA business would give me the freedom to pursue those personal goals.

There is a saying that there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Giving my time, energy, skills, and resources in both my personal and professional life have brought me much happiness and I look forward to increasing that in the future.

Where can people find you if they want to connect?

I just launched my website, which you can check out at Velocity Admin, and you can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Have questions or comments for Amber? Drop them below! Want to be a featured student success story? Reach out to me here!

My goal is to ultimately move my VA business to my only career. This will not only help me reach my professional goals but also personal ones.

Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Start earning $10,000 per month.

Fill out the form to learn how I scaled my business from zero to $10K with these three things and why I'm confident they can work for you, too!

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