6 Reasons Why You Should Take a Virtual Assistant Course

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Do you want to become a virtual assistant (VA)? Or are you an existing VA who wants to level up your business? With so much information out there, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

By enrolling in a course, you will get the virtual assistance training you need to create a booming business.

Plus, it’s so much easier to have everything you need to learn wrapped up into one productive package. This is much easier than scouring the internet for hours on end trying to teach yourself the skills you need to be a successful VA.

So, we’re going to discuss why you should consider getting virtual assistant training and the best virtual assistant courses to take!

But first, let’s briefly talk about what a VA is and why you would want to consider this amazing career.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant, or VA, is someone who works for business owners online and helps them manage and grow their businesses. A virtual assistant’s duties are diverse and a VA can fill many roles in a business. VAs often work as independent contractors, not as employees.

VAs can do many business-related tasks, like social media management, data entry, writing blog posts, proofreading and editing content, website design, email management, answering phone calls, and much more.

If you want to learn more about what VAs do, check out my ultimate guide on how to become a virtual assistant.

Why Would You Want to Become a Virtual Assistant?

Being a virtual assistant can give you freedoms unlike most traditional jobs, plus you get to work towards achieving your own goals instead of someone else’s. 

But there are many more reasons to become a virtual assistant:

  • You can make money on the side while you work your full-time job.
  • Offering virtual assistant services helps you make more money to pave the way to financial freedom.
  • It creates more time freedom. You can make more money in less time by gradually scaling your business. (Plus you can skip the daily commute!)
  • Work from home jobs gives you the flexibility to work wherever you want to.
  • Allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours.
  • Working from home is also great for people with families, those with disabilities, and anyone who needs a non-traditional way to support themselves.
  • The sky is the limit on how much money you can make.

Do You Need to Take a Virtual Assistant Course?

Technically no. The truth is that you don’t need to take a virtual assistant course.

Gasp! What am I saying? Am I encouraging you not to buy the course I created? Also no. I still think my course, $10K VA is the best virtual assistant course and a great investment for people who want to become VAs.

BUT you don’t have to take any training or courses to get started. You can absolutely start your VA business with help from free virtual assistant resources like my blog, other VA blogs, online tools, and free downloadable guides like my Virtual Assistant Business Planner.

Then you can figure out the rest on your own with trial and error, just like I did. I figured it all out myself and I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

But taking a VA course helps you avoid those mistakes and start your business the right way, so it’s profitable from the start. Plus, with a course, you’ll likely see success much sooner. Many people who take VA courses are able to earn more than the cost of the course in just a month or two.

Why You Should Take a Virtual Assistant Course

Although you don’t have to take virtual assistant classes, they can help you build your business much quicker. So, if you want to take the fast track to success and have everything you need to learn in one convenient spot, then you should definitely consider taking a course.

1. Learn from the Experience of Others

Learning from others’ experiences is one of the main reasons to consider virtual assistant training. As Eleanor Roosevelt eloquently put it, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Sure, you can go out there and learn on your own, but you also have to deal with making rookie mistakes with your new business. For instance, not knowing how to find, qualify, and pitch clients properly, having a bad contract or none at all, or possibly even getting stiffed by a client. Ouch!

Or perhaps you don’t have a plan to onboard clients once you find them. Or the biggest mistake I see from new VAs, selling yourself short and underbidding your work!

Virtual assistant training is worth its weight in gold because you can cut through the red tape and learn what works and doesn’t work without all the messy mistakes.

2. Filter Through all the “Free” Resources

Honestly, there’s a lot of bunk out there, and it would take you AGES to sort through it all and find the best kernels of good advice. Plus, it takes time to find all the right free resources and connect them together to learn how to start and grow your business.

When you take a virtual assistant course, you get a complete roadmap from that helps you start your business with ease. That is why I highly recommend taking a virtual assistant course!

3. You Get a Mentor Who Understands What You Do

When you enroll in a course, you’re also choosing a mentor to help guide you through the process of starting a virtual assistant business and becoming a successful business owner. And it’s essential that you feel like you relate to the coach you choose and that they understand what you’re going through. Because they will be the coach who actually helps you do it!

A virtual assistant coach should do more than just helping you find potential clients. The right VA business coach is someone who should inspire and motivate you!

4. Find a Community of Other VAs for Support

Because working online (and especially working from home) can be isolating, it’s important to find a community. Luckily that’s something that comes included with many quality virtual assistant courses.

Unfortunately, your family and friends most likely won’t understand what you do for a living when you dive into the world of online business, so you need a support system full of people who actually “get” what you’re doing and that’s something that a virtual assistant course can provide.

Many courses offer a supportive community that you can network with on Facebook and other online platforms. This can help you find other business owners you connect with and who can also hold you accountable towards your business goals. Plus, you can learn from each other too!

5. You Won’t Waste Time on Job Boards that Will Never Turn into Real Online Work

Many new VAs turn to job boards, like Upwork and Fiverr, that report having many job opportunities to find prospective clients.

But in reality, many of these jobs will pay you pennies per hour for your time and these clients rarely convert into long-term opportunities, which is what you’ll need if you want your business to grow!

Job boards also have a lot of competition, which means it may be difficult to land these jobs in the first place. It’s a waste of time to pitch yourself endlessly for jobs you probably won’t get, and even if you DO get them, it won’t be worth the effort. It’s a lose-lose situation!

I also want to add that if you do a quick Google search you’ll find places like Belay Solutions and MYVA360 that advertise themselves as virtual assistant agencies that provides you access to many clients. However, when you work for an agency you won’t be able to earn nearly as much money, or have as much freedom, as you will by establishing your own virtual assistant business and targeting higher-paying clients.

And finally, there are so many job scams out there now that you have to worry about. Taking a virtual assistant course will help you build your own business so you won’t have to worry about getting duped by a fake job ad or anything else. Besides, it’s much better to start your own business and be your own boss!

6. Make an Investment to Make a Change in Your Life

Once you’ve put some money on the line for a goal or a dream, you’re more likely to follow through with it, so you don’t waste your investment.

What better investment can you make than one that could build a sustainable career and change your entire life forever? So, when you think of the rate of return you will receive on investing in a virtual assistant course, it’s an obvious choice on what to do!

Many students who choose to invest in a virtual assistant course can make back the cost of the course within a month or two. Of course, it depends on how much you work on your business, but the income potential is only limited by you. 

Where Do You Find a Virtual Assistant Course?

There are several places you can look for a good virtual assistant course. Course platforms like Udemy offer many types of online  freelancing courses. You can also find a virtual assistant course on Coursera and virtual assistant training on TESDA.

You can also do a simple Google search to find good training because you’ll likely find blog posts like this one that provides honest opinions on virtual assistant training programs. Or the search will bring up sales pages for courses where you can get the information you need to decide if one of them is right for you.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are other great place to find high-quality virtual assistant courses. You can join virtual assistant groups and ask for recommendations.

Best Virtual Assistant Courses to Take

Now we’re to the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are some of the best virtual assistant courses I recommend to jumpstart your VA business.

1. $10K VA

Best Seller!
$10K VA® - Become a Virtual Assistant!

$10K VA is my flagship program, where I teach aspiring and experienced VAs how to start and scale their virtual assistant businesses to earn as much as $10,000 per month - consistently!

Learn More

$10K VA is my virtual assistant course that helps aspiring VAs and established freelancers get clients, increase productivity, and build a sustainable income from their work. You’ll learn how to use your current skills to help you start a successful VA business.

In $10K VA, I will show you exactly how to…

  • Pitch and land your first (and second, and third…) client, so that you can build a stable monthly income
  • Set your initial rate, and how to raise it, so you get paid what you’re worth for every new skill you learn
  • Onboard your clients like a pro, and how to protect yourself and your business for every possible situation
  • Create a system for efficiency so that you can maximize your billable hours

Plus, you’ll get access to special bonuses like:

📺 video interviews with other successful virtual assistants (including some $10K VA® grads!)

🗣️ an invite to the private Facebook group community to connect with other VAs (and yours truly!)

📝 as well as plug-and-play templates, worksheets, and other tools of the trade so you’re never starting from scratch!

Click here to learn more!

2. $10K VA® Presents… Course Launch VA Academy

Course Launch VA Academy - Become a Course Launch Virtual Assistant!

Kim and I put our heads together (plus our combined 10+ years of experience as virtual assistants) to help you niche down in your business and make as much as $10K per month — or more! — as a Course Launch VA!

Learn More

They say the riches are in the niches, and that’s exactly what this course is for. This training program teaches you how to offer a very lucrative virtual assistant service helping online business owners create and launch digital courses.

This is the ideal program for new VAs who want to set themselves apart AND for virtual assistants who are ready to narrow down to this profitable service.

In just 6 modules, my co-creator Kim and I will show you how to brainstorm, design, create, and LAUNCH successful digital products and courses for clients.

As a course launch VA, you will:

📚 learn incredible new skills and techniques for successful launches

🏗 build courses that really help people in the world

🧙 master the secret magic of launching a successful course

AND 💰 make the kind of money that only an expert can charge

Learn more about $10K VA® Presents… Course Launch VA Academy now!

3. $10K VA® Presents… Podcast VA Academy

Podcast VA Academy - Become a Podcast Virtual Assistant!

In this co-created course, Ashley and I have put our heads together to show you how to pitch, produce, promote, and publish impactful podcasts for your clients as a Podcast Virtual Assistant!

Learn More

If you have a passion for podcasts, then becoming a Podcast VA may be the career you’ve been searching for. A Podcast VA specializes in producing and publishing podcasts and this virtual assistant course provides in-depth trainings on how to be a Podcast VA. You’ll also learn the secret to finding high-paying podcast clients.

In just 6 modules, my co-creator Ashley and I will show you how to pitch, produce, promote, and publish impactful podcasts for clients.

As a podcast VA, you will:

📚 learn incredible new skills and techniques for successful podcast production

🎧 publish episodes that connect with people and help others around the world

🧙 master the secret magic of promoting the most popular podcasts and securing awesome guests

AND 💰 make the kind of money that only an expert can charge

Learn more about $10K VA® Presents… Podcast VA Academy now!

4. Become a Pinterest VA Today!

If you like social media, all things Pinterest, and helping entrepreneurs grow their online presence, then you’ll love the Become A Pinterest VA Today! course created by Kristin Larsen.

Kristin offers several Pinterest VA courses depending on your goals, so you’re sure to find the one that best suits your needs.

This self-study program includes tools, steps, tech, resources and workbooks to be successful. Watch her free workshop to learn all about life as a successful Pinterest VA!

Click here to learn more!

5. General Proofreading by Proofread Anywhere

Did you know that proofreading is a great in-demand virtual assistant service? Many businesses need help with content writing, proofreading, and editing as content marketing is a huge part of many companies’ marketing strategies.

In General Proofreading, you’ll learn to proofread all types of content, including books, research papers and blogs. Creator Caitlin Pyle also teaches you exactly what proofreaders do and don’t do, how to avoid common mistakes, how to find clients, and much more.

Caitlin has an interesting backstory of leaving corporate life, and her course was created using the same tested process she used for creating her own success.

Her course provides rigorous training but is not overly technical, and the shorter learning curve makes it a great course for beginners!

Click here to learn more!

The Bottom Line to Finding the Right Virtual Assistant Course for You

Starting a successful virtual assistant business doesn’t have to be hard and taking a course can help you create a profitable business offering virtual assistant services quickly .

Whether you want to be a Pinterest VA, a Podcast VA, a Course Launch VA, or a General VA, any of these courses can help you avoid the common mistakes new virtual assistants make. Plus, they’ll help you build your business on a strong foundation.

Which virtual assistant course interests you?

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