20 Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer to Grow Your Business

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While every job has its fair share of roles and duties, having your own business comes with unique responsibilities you probably wouldn’t otherwise have. Owning your own business means all of the pieces of your business fall on you and you alone.

With all of those responsibilities, many entrepreneurs and business owners get to a point where they need to hire a virtual assistant to help with some of their workload. If you are a virtual assistant or thinking about becoming one, there are many services you can offer to potential clients.

Even though virtual assisting is becoming more popular, some people still see a virtual assistant as nothing more than an online secretary. But that’s far from the truth. A virtual assistant has the potential to be so much more!

As a virtual assistant, your job is to take on some of the duties businesses or entrepreneurs have that they may not have the time or skills for. It’s a term that can encompass a wide array of tasks.

Unique Services to Offer as a Virtual Assistant

Depending on your skills and talents, you could not only expand your service list but grow your business and clientele as a whole.

Now, you don’t have to offer everything on this list. But, these services are things you can consider based on your talent and skillset.

1. Database & CRM Maintenance

Many businesses have a database or customer-relation management (CRM) system. So what is a CRM system? It’s basically a tool that helps companies stay connected to their customers and streamline their processes so they can increase their profit. 

A business or company can use a CRM system for multiple reasons. A few of these include invoicing, customer management, inventory, lead management, etc.

As a virtual assistant one important and time-consuming task you could offer to take off your client’s plate is to create, update, and maintain the business databases. In most cases, it’s a duty many owners would be happy to outsource.

2. Data Entry

Much like creating and managing a business’s database, you may consider offering to perform other data entry as well. In some cases, data entry may be specialized, as in medical coding or transcription, or broader in the sense of customer or constituent data.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s usually a role that requires little training and can often be done from anywhere and at any time.

3. Videography

If you’re particularly skilled at creating or editing videos, offering up your videography skills can be an extremely valuable service.

Whether on a company’s website or social media, well-made videos have the ability to grab people’s attention and act as a powerful advertising tool. So, if you’re skilled in creating or editing videos, it can be a high-value virtual assistant service.

This is also an in-demand skill. The popularity of video is growing quickly thanks to YouTube videos and the use of videos for news and entertainment. But creating or editing videos can be time-consuming. This means many businesses are interested in outsourcing this type of work.

4. Social Media Management

Social media is not going away any time soon and many businesses rely on social media to gain trust with their customers and to earn new customers.

Think about it. The first thing many people do when they find a new company or organization they like is to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every other platform.

Social media is a surefire way of effectively communicating with clients or followers and it can be very valuable for businesses. But, as a busy business owner, social media is just one more thing that takes time and effort.

So, if you enjoy social media and are well-versed on best practices, this is a great virtual assistant service to offer.

5. Web Design and Maintenance

A website is often the first impression clients or consumers get of a business. Plus, in the digital age, users expect a company to have a modern and user-friendly website.

But website coding and design isn’t everyone’s forte. Any skills you possess in the website design or coding arena are more valuable than you know, which is why it’s one service you could use to truly grow your virtual assistant business.

6. Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading and editing is an absolute necessity for any publication, press release, and even emails that an organization sends out. That said, it takes someone who knows the ins and outs of grammar and who has a sharp eye to do the job well.

Tools of the Trade: Proofread Anywhere

Want more training specifically about proofreading? Check out the online course Proofread Anywhere.

Most businesses or authors may find that they have neither the time nor skills to do the job themselves. Offering to edit and proofread as a virtual assistant can help you gain even more jobs.

Tools of the Trade: Grammarly

Even if you don’t offer editing or proofreading as a VA, you should still try to communicate without errors. Learn how to do that for free with Grammarly. Learn more in our Grammarly Review.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing to a list of customers, and potential customers, is a great way to sell products and services, build brand awareness, and make announcements about company news and events.

Between sending emails to nurture new subscribers, emails to promote products and sales funnels, and regular newsletters, it can be a lot to keep up with. Plus, with everything else that needs to be done to keep a business running smoothly, many small businesses simply don’t have the time to email their list regularly.

If you have an understanding of email marketing, how to use your client’s chosen email marketing software, and how to create newsletters, this can be yet another valuable service to offer.

Tools of the Trade: ConvertKit

Also, if you become an expert in a certain email marketing platform (ConvertKit is one of the most popular I’ve seen), you can then market those skills as well. People will pay top dollar for someone who knows the ins and outs of a platform. 

8. Content Curation

Whether a business or individual has a blog, website, or multitude of social media accounts, they have to invest time into making everything perfect. This includes finding the perfect images, links, graphics, and information to exhibit on their platforms.

If you have a knack for being able to research and find valuable content that meshes with a company’s brand and audience, you have another valuable skill most business owners would be happy to pay you for.

9. Invoicing and Billing

For most entrepreneurs or small businesses, the luxury of having their own billing department isn’t always an option. So they often have to manage their own invoicing, payment scheduling and follow-up.

Unfortunately getting invoices out on time and ensuring you follow-up with customers who may have forgotten to pay on time is a time-consuming hassle. Offer to reduce this time-consuming task by doing all the footwork and organization for your clients.

10. Calendar Manager

Anyone who runs their own business or company probably has a busy schedule. So much so that managing their own time and calendar can leave important events forgotten or fallen to the wayside.

If you’re someone who is extremely organized, consider offering to be the calendar manager for busy individuals and entrepreneurs. Offer to set up meetings and appointments and to remind them of events coming up.

11. Email Management

Business owner’s inboxes have a tendency to fill up quickly. (I know mine does!)

Trying to read and reply to every email on a daily basis is easier said than done, especially if you have other things to work on throughout the day. (Don’t we all!)

As simple as it sounds, this is a highly sought-after service that business owners want to outsource!

As a virtual assistant, email management is a key service you could offer. Your job will be to filter out the junk, reply to what you can, and organize the remaining mail.

12. SEO/Website Analytics

Properly incorporating good search engine optimization (SEO) practices and analyzing website analytics can be key to reaching and maintaining key customers and clients through a website.

Plus, SEO is something that’s constantly changing, which makes it difficult to keep up with over time on top of everything else that needs to be done to keep a business running.

However, if you’re a VA who is well-versed in SEO, and who can review website analytics and help make proper adjustments accordingly, this can be a great service to add to your business.

13. Project Management

Managing multiple projects, client accounts, or proposals at once can sometimes feel like trying to juggle multiple balls in the air. After all, attempting to meet multiple deadlines and ensure all tasks are on track is a job in itself.

Offer to help keep a business or individual on schedule by tracking projects and reminding team members of impending deadlines.

This is also a high-value service that you can use to earn more money in less time.

14. Travel Planning

Travel and hotel accommodations take time to organize, especially if you’re hoping to find a good deal. Ease your clients’ travel plans by offering to take the reins for them.

Plan out and purchase plane tickets, book rental cars, and set up a hotel or book Airbnb stays. That way, all they have to worry about is when they’re leaving and what to pack.

15. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a much-needed component for almost any business. Between newsletters, social media graphics, and other branding materials, there’s not a shortage of need for graphics.

But depending on the size of the business and budget, hiring a full-time designer or even an agency isn’t always feasible. If you know your way around Canva, InDesign, or Photoshop, offering up your design skills could drastically grow your business.

Tools of the Trade: Canva

Canva is a great tool for entry-level skills and is budget-friendly for new business owners. Sign up for Canva’s Pro Annual membership plan and get 15% off your first year!

16. Personal Shopping

With a busy work schedule and the general chaos of life, finding time to run personal errands, like shopping for gifts or groceries, can be next to impossible. As a virtual assistant, you can’t necessarily run in-person errands. However, you can take care of online tasks.

Consider adding personal shopping to your list of services and help purchase gifts, personal needs, and even groceries (if they have a grocer that allows it to be done online or by phone).

17. Event Coordination

Planning events can be a major project, especially if it’s a professional event and you’re trying to make a good impression. But holding events for customer appreciation or networking can be a great way for businesses to make themselves known.

While pulling together some appetizers and a venue might not sound like a difficult task, it’s harder than some might think. Ensuring everything goes right with the food, venue, and entertainment is a hefty task.

For a company that may not have the time or energy to do so, offering up event coordination as one of your services can be a valuable skill for many organizations.

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18. Bookkeeping

Keeping track of all financial expenses and transactions is key to maintaining the financial success and health of a business. But saving receipts and dealing with all bookkeeping tasks can be a hassle.

I know it took me hours to deal with all of my bookkeeping my first couple of years in business. It would have been great if I had known about bookkeeping virtual assistants back then!

If numbers and accounting are your strong suit, offering to help keep track of expenses and maintain a company’s books can be a great way to expand your clientele.

Tools of the Trade: Bookkeeping for Bloggers

Want to brush up on your skills? Check out this course about Bookkeeping for Bloggers.

19. Client/Partner Follow-up

Depending on the business, finding new partners or client leads and remembering to follow-up can be vital to growing one’s organization. Unfortunately, trying to find new ones while maintaining current client or partner relationships can be difficult.

If you’re well connected or don’t mind calling potential clients and partners, offer to generate new leads for businesses and follow-up on any pending ones.

20. Customer Service

Some businesses provide customer service via phone, email, and even social media. However, the key to ensuring customer happiness is making sure you respond to customer complaints or issues quickly. That’s easier said than done when you’re trying to run other aspects of a business.

If you possess great people skills, are a problem solver, and don’t mind dealing with conflict, offer to take care of customer services messages or calls.


A virtual assistant’s job is centered on making their client’s business easier to manage and scale. But that doesn’t mean a virtual assistant’s job is basic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There are so many different services a virtual assistant can help with!

By offering more specialized services as a virtual assistant you can drastically grow and expand your client base. Think of the skills and abilities you possess that your clients could use help with.

Whether you’re a skilled writer and editor, great with numbers, a graphic designer, or simply well-organized, you could turn that skillset into a profitable business.

What are some services you might offer in your VA business?


  • Good morning Kayla, please I would like you to help me with connections. I want to be a virtual assistant in either billing and invoicing, book keeping or data entry.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Elizabeth!

      Your best bet is to join Facebook Groups or areas where you know potential clients would be, and then pitch them! Good luck!


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