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Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Develop an Interest in Business

December 12, 2016

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child-1245893_640If you are a parent whose child is approaching their college or university years, and who is looking for that perfect career path to follow, then you may want to encourage an interest in the field of business. Choosing a career in business means all kinds of opportunities and doors are opened to them; it also means they can work all over the world.

So how can you encourage them to develop this interest without coming across pushy or over-bearing? It’s a fine line to walk, which is why these tips can prove to be quite helpful.

Put Your Child First

Just because you may have always wanted to enroll in the masters in CIS at Boston University doesn’t mean your child shares the same dream. It is one thing to be encouraging, but it’s another thing to try to live through your child. Make sure you are listening to them, their interests, their worries, their questions and their dreams so you can encourage them to be an individual.

Help Them to Network

Adults network all of the time, so there is no reason that a student can’t do the same. Help them to network within the business industry by introducing them to someone who could act as a mentor. Your teenager can then ask their mentor about what it’s like to work in the field, what kind of challenges there are, what the best part of their job is, and what is expected of them.

If you happen to know someone in the job they show an interest in, it would be a great idea to set up a “take your child to work day”. They can see what it’s like first-hand, which can be incredibly enlightening.

Set Up an Appointment with their Guidance Counsellor

Your child’s school guidance counsellor acts as a wonderful resource where schooling is concerned. They can let your child know what kind of programs they should be taking in High School, as well as what sort or training/schooling they will need after high school in order to succeed in business.

If your child is interested in a particular degree program, such as a degree in computer information systems, then the counsellor can tell them what the pre-requisites are to get into the program and what kind of jobs they can get after they complete their masters.

Be Available as a Sounding Board

There will be times that your child will need a sounding board or support. You want to be sure you establish yourself as that person early on. Let them know they can come to you and talk freely, vent, express worry or doubt, and share their excitement with you. You will basically need to be their cheering section during the highs and lows as they try to figure out their career path.

Through the Highs and Lows

As a parent, you have been there through the highs and lows of your child’s life, and this is just another step where you will need to be there for them through encouragement and support.


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