VA Success Story: How Bridgett Is Becoming A Wedding Planning VA

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A virtual assistant business can become anything you’re skilled at and want to do. 

Talking with Bridgett has reminded me that being a VA doesn’t always equal working in social media or blogging, but that you can carve out space in any industry. In this interview, Bridgett shares her wedding planning plans and how my course, $10K VA, has helped her get to where she is now.

Here’s my interview with Bridgett.

Hi, Bridgett! To start off, tell us a bit about you.

Hi, I’m Bridgett and I am new to the Virtual Assistant world. I recently had a baby girl and as many people know, kids are expensive!

I currently work as an Executive Assistant and I have decided to start working as a VA as a side hustle for extra income.

Why did you want to be a VA?

When I first came across the term VA, I had no idea what to expect. A few Google searches later and I couldn’t believe how many people were in my exact same situation of wanting to become one. For me, not only is it extra income but being a VA provides flexibility and allows me to do what I love!

As of right now, I would consider myself a General/Administrative VA, but I am hoping to find my niche and focus on something more specific. 

Have you had any struggles with starting your business?

Yes! I didn’t know where to begin. There was so much information online that I was overwhelmed and got carried away with every detail of starting a business. I had so many questions and couldn’t believe how many resources were at the tip of my fingers.

Then I discovered $10K VA. I immediately purchased it and set up my first Discovery Call with Kayla to ask all of my burning questions.

Kayla provided great insight and I took notes to remember everything we talked about. When I hung up, I decided to create a website with the bare bones as my starting point. This allowed me to set up a page about my rates, services and a page about myself.

I realized that there will always be outstanding items on my agenda, however, you need to start somewhere. With Kayla’s help, I began creating daily to-do’s which has eliminated much of my stress.

How did $10K VA help you and your business or side hustle?

$10K VA was the first course I came across and I knew it was for me right away. I loved the layout and the way that Kayla broke down each step of starting my own business. I learned everything from how to pitch a client to pricing services and more. It has helped me get started and make me feel like I am in a better place to both hire and fire (if needed).

The course also provides a Pro Client Connections Facebook Group. Kayla shares her referrals with you and posts any VA jobs that she comes across. I have actually pitched a few clients that she posted and I am looking forward to hearing back! I like this group more than other Facebook Groups I’ve joined because it is a small private community where members are interactive and encouraging.

Also, In Kayla’s $10K VA Mastermind group, she shares videos of other VA’s who provide great insight
and inspiration. In this group, Kayla provides a place to gain feedback and always reminds us of Self-Care Saturday!

What lessons have you learned and how did you use them to your advantage?

I have learned how time-consuming it can be to create contracts for clients. In $10K VA, Kayla provided me with the template that I have downloaded and used to my advantage. By changing a few things to target my clients, it has made my life so much easier.

Kayla also shared her on-boarding process for new clients. This has allowed me to take my business to a very professional level. I would never know to set up a Discovery Call or send a Welcome Packet but now this makes sense and adds value to my business. I feel proficient having this resource and can’t wait to share it with my new clients.

What was the biggest thing you learned that you want to share with others?

I now know how to build relationships as well as new networking techniques. I was looking in all the wrong places. My first thought was job boards, but Kayla showed me that there are places with more and better opportunities. Being proactive and engaging has allowed me to become a go-getter.

I also have talked about my business to people I already know, like friends, family, co-workers and more. It is a great topic of conversation and people are always so excited and intrigued. 9/10 times the person I talk to knows of someone in need of some VA assistance.

For example, my dad’s friend needs some invoicing help, and my aunt knows of an entrepreneur who she is connecting me with. Who would have thought!?

Would you recommend $10K VA to others who are just getting started?

For sure! This course is a great overview of everything you need to know in order to start your own VA business. I find myself going back into the course and reviewing different topics if I am stuck or have a question. I am the type of person who likes to have everything planned out before I get started and now I feel that I am confident in my ability to pitch a client and get to work!

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What are your goals for your business?

My main goal for my business is to narrow down my focus. In my first month alone, I have already realized what I am better at and prefer doing. I thoroughly enjoy event planning and while being a maid of honor twice, I know what kind of work goes into coordinating an event like a wedding. I love organization and to be able to help people do this is my dream!

Also, I recently attended two Bridal Expo’s and they included every service imaginable, besides an event planner. There was venues, photographers, DJs, spray tans, dresses, but no planner/coordinator. Wedding planners can be expensive so it has me thinking about setting up my own booth at Bridal Expo’s to offer my VA service!

Besides that, I hope to keep my mind set on a $10K goal which is very possible with the help of $10K VA! There are always plenty of opportunities and now is a great time to start!

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