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Why You Should Rock the Boat

July 29, 2015

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Sometimes you have to rock the boat to get ahead. This is why you should rock the boat! via @shoeaholicnomoreToday’s guest post was written by my new blogger friend, Tre from House of Tre. I hope you enjoy it!

Society is good at letting us know what is expected of us. What we need to do to be successful. How many children we are supposed to have. The career path we are supposed to follow. What material possessions we need to show that we are successful.

But do we all need to follow that path? Should we all go to college, have 2.5 kids, buy a home in the suburbs and drive a SUV? No!

Rock the boat.

Do things differently.

Cause an Uproar

Don’t want to have children? Don’t want a house in the suburbs? Be honest with yourself. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. Trust me, they will let you know what they think. But it’s your life. Why not live the life you want?

Take An Unexpected Career Turn

There is a very predictable career path we are expected to follow.

Go to college.

Take an entry-level position.

Work your way up.

Retire at 65.

What if you finish college, take that entry-level job and realize that you hate your career? Do you spend the next 40+ years plugging away at a job you hate? Or do you make a change? Take your career in an unexpected direction?

Julia Child worked in advertising after college. She was fired for “gross insubordination”. She went on to work for the US government intelligence agency during World War II. She attended cooking classes while living in France. From there she developed her book Mastering The Art Of French Cooking which later led to her cooking show. Was that the expected career path of a woman born in 1912? No!

Make Your Own Path In Life

Society is changing. Our parents expected to work for one employer their entire career and retire with a pension. There are very few people today that have that option. Most of us jump from job to job, trying to move up or at least not step back with each new job. Do you ever get tired of that? Do you ever think you want to make your own path?

There are so many ways to earn income other than a job. There are numerous ways to earn income online, like blogging, e-commerce, photography, and writing are just a few. The possibilities are endless.

Some people make obscene amounts of money online. Those people are few and far between. Most bloggers will tell you they make a little extra income from their blog. They have other ways to make a little more income. Add a few more revenue streams in and you have a way to make a living without the traditional career path.

Rock The Boat

The key to following your own path is identifying what makes you happy. What do you need to accomplish to feel successful?

Once you know what you want, ask yourself how you are going to achieve it. Break down your goal into small, measurable steps. Set deadlines and hold your self accountable. You have to take action to create the life you want.

Do you have the confidence to rock the boat and live life on your terms?

Tre is a freelance writer passionate about personal finance. You can follow her journey out of debt on her blog House of Tre or on Twitter.

*Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich, A Disease Called Debt and Femme Frugality*

Sometimes you have to rock the boat to get ahead. This is why you should rock the boat! via @shoeaholicnomore

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9 responses to “Why You Should Rock the Boat

  1. Love this, Tre! I am a big believer in the rocking the boat. When I decided to become a financial advisor there were very few woman advisors (sadly still true to this day). A lot of people expected me to fail because I was woman and no one was going to listen me. Well, I proved them very wrong because I chose to rock the boat and follow my heart, which is something I’m definitely trying to pass on to my daughters.

  2. Tre, this is really a brave thing to do or rock the boat. It takes more than courage and confidence, it’s a leap of faith maybe. And, the success rate is dependent on the person himself. That said, I am ready to rock the boat!

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